6 Best Storage For Bikes Outdoors 2020 Ultimate Guide

Storage For Bikes Outdoors. Storage for bikes outdoors might not seem like the most attractive addition to your garden or backyard, but they have their benefits for sure. When you use storage to store your bikes and organize your garden or backyard, you will notice how much it will transform your outdoor space.

Benefits of storage for bikes outdoors

1. Summer storage

One of the biggest benefits of storing bikes is that they can be utilized to keep all your bikes and other belongings organized in one space. Some of those items can be store in the storage if there is still space available for more time outside, having barbeques and picnics in the summer.

It is the best time of the year to do all that activity with lots of stuff. With available space, you can store your pool equipment, surfboards, and skates. Summer months comes with a lot of items that need a place.

Storage for bikes can give you the best place to house all your summer items, so you can find what you are looking for and put your hands on what you need quickly.

2. Add style

Some of you might think that storage for bikes is an eyesore. Today’s model of storage for bikes can spark the style of your yard.

Some models have a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. They can be chosen that blend with your garden or property.

You can add flower beds and outdoor decorations around your storage for bikes and provide your garden or property with more curb appeal.

3. Clean you garden or yard

You do not have to wait until spring comes when it is time time to clean your garden or yard or property since most storage for bikes is weather resistant. You can store anything in the new storage for bikes; you can free up much space.

You can store from gardening tools, snowboards, and sleds. Storage for bikes with extra space available is more than just a place to get organized. They are an addition to any garden or yard or property all year-round.

List of the best storage for bikes outdoors

1. The YardStash IV: Heavy Duty For Outdoors

This YardStash IV storage for bikes outdoors is a quick solution for storing your bikes. The maximum number of bikes to store is two bikes.

You can immediately use the storage for bikes because it is easy to set up in your garden or backyard out of the weather. This storage for bicycles is made of vinyl tarpaulin material that gives protection from the weather and UV, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The dimension is 32 inches deep and 77 inches wide. It comes with a basic metal frame for a compact storing for bikes.

To give access to airflow, it comes with a front mesh door to prevent condensation inside. The material is waterproof for bike storage during the rain. The roof can withstand snow in the winter months.

2. Bosmere Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Outdoor/Garden Lockable Storage Unit

If you own two bikes, this Bosmere wooden storage shed is the product that can protect them outdoors. It has a dimension of 5 feet 4 inches high and 5 feet wide.

It is a common garden shed for your back yard with two front doors that open completely for access to the bikes. It is designed to fit next to a wall or fence to maximize space around your garden.

The doors can protect the bikes with its lockable feature (padlock not included). You do not have to worry about setting up the storage because it is easy to do.

You alone can assemble this storage shed product. However, you will need a second person to help you install the half-inch cladding.

Basic tools to prepare:

3. The YardStash III: Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage, Garden Storage, and Pool Storage

The YardStash III is storage for bikes outdoors that will make you feel safe to keep your bicycles accessible and dry. You can also store other things such as gardening tools, pool equipment, and other outdoor gear.

If you only small space to spare in your garden, this storage unit has a dimension of 74 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 65 inches high. The water-shedding design storage for bikes can accommodate two bicycles.

Full bottom and top zippers on its door can seal the door completely. This protection will not provide access to pests, dust, and water.

The material of the body is made of vinyl tarpaulin roof with UPF 50+ protection. The polyester body is blended with a thick interior weatherproof coating.

You can easily set up the storage and will only take less than 15 minutes. It is equipped with a back panel so you can lock your bikes to a pole or fence.

The storage for outdoors has a front mesh vent to remove condensation.

4. Trimetals 6 x 3-Feet Outdoors Bicycle Storage Unit

If you are looking for durability and safe storage for bikes, this Bosmere storage is designed for offering the best bike storage. If you own three bikes, you store them all in the storage product with a practical design.

The door is spring-assisted, and it is fire-resistant. It is durable because you do not have to worry about corrosion for at least 15 years.

Your expensive bikes can be stored safely and locked inside with two padlocks. You can read the instruction and ask for help when assembling the storage unit.

The dimension is 53 inches high, 35 inches deep, and 77 inches wide. The coverage area is 18.71 square feet.

5. Suncast The Stow-Away Horizontal Shed

The Suncast storage can be used as bike storage outdoors or for gardening tools, or garbage bins or grills, and other things. You will not have to worry about the safety because the lid can be securely locked.

The open lid is designed for full access to your bike without any hassle. The material is made from plastic panels, and you will have to provide a flat surface for alignment and proper assembly.

You can provide cemented surface, level ground, or wooden pallets for the floor. The panels can withstand the UV from sunlight because they are UV treated.

6. DuraMax 6 x 6 Metal Bicycle Lean-To Shed Kit

This Duramax storage for bikes outdoors is made of grooved steel walls; that is why it is a durable product. The dimension is 79.53 x 79.92 x 64.17 inches that can provide enough room for four bikes.

The front door has a locking mechanism for a fully secured storage bike. It comes with an 8-year warranty if you see any defects. You can easily store your bikes because it is equipped with 4 adjustable bike tracks without leaning those bikes on walls or against each other.

Factors to consider when purchasing storage for bikes outdoors

Every bicycle storage sheds for outdoors are the same. It would be best if you discovered the right solution for your bikes and your budget. You might want to imagine what type of bikes to purchase in the near future. The size of the storage for bikes become very important.

1. The price

You can choose between cheaper storage for bikes that are made of vinyl that look like a tent. You can also select more secure storage for bikes made from steel that can be expensive.

The budget depends on your need. Not the other way around.

2. The materials

Storage for bikes is made of wood, metal, plastic, or flexible vinyl. These materials have disadvantages and advantages or strengths and weaknesses.

If you choose storage for bikes made of plastic, you do not have to worry about corrosion and rust, but it is less secure. Storage for bikes made from vinyl is flexible and lightweight but less secure.

Wooden storage for bikes needs yearly maintenance to keep them from rotting. Metal storage bikes are the most secure and durable, but they are harder to assemble, more burdensome, and more expensive.

3. The warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty is storage for bikes’ promise to cover specific problems with your storage unit. The warranty is valid over a particular period.

When you purchase storage for bikes, you want to know it is built to last. That is why some storage for bikes manufacturer may provide warranties with your purchase.

The warranty should also outline what the manufacturer handles in the event of a defect in your storage. Not all storage for bikes warranties are the same, and not all manufacturers of storage for bikes provide a guarantee.

4. The size

Storage for bikes outdoors come in a variety of sizes. The compact dimensions are suitable for one or two bikes.

If you have numerous bikes, a more massive storage unit is your real option. You need to spend more money, and you require more room for storage.

Fortunately, you can also use it as a storage for other items you might want to store outdoors, whether it is a pump, spare wheels, or other accessories.

How to maintain your storage for bikes outdoor

Storage for bikes outdoors must be maintained to keep it in excellent condition and usable for an extended period. However, some essential maintenance has to be done to make sure a better and cleaner state.

1. Check the storage regularly

It is essential to remember about inspecting the maintenance requirements of your storage for bikes simply because it is an outdoor accessory. Sometimes you prefer to focus more on indoor items rather than outdoor items.

Outdoor items are prone to more damage and dirt since they get exposure from weather elements. It is essential to inspect the storage for bikes from time to time to see what kind of maintenance needs to be done.

2. Clean the wall

Your storage for bikes will require routine cleaning. It is crucial to wipe the storage unit clean from dust and other residuals such as mud or leaves.

Mix one gallon of water with dishwashing soap in a bucket. Clean with a piece of cloth and wipe the sides of the storage unit clean.

You might also consider spraying the wall with a garden hose if you have a large storage for bikes. If you find a harder to remove dirt, you may need to use a plastic bristle scrubber to scrub away that dirt away. They might have been stuck to parts of the storage unit.

3. Clean the roof

The roof of the storage for bikes is prone to collect more dirt and dust. To clean it thoroughly, you should sweep off all the dust and dirt using a hand brush or push broom.

Use your garden hose to spray a large amount of water directly onto the roof. Sprinkle liquid soap onto the roof.

Then, scrub with a plastic bristle scrubber with a stick. Rinse again with plenty of water using the garden hose and wipe dry using a rag or squeegee.

4. Clean inside the storage

Storage for bikes is a place where you can store your bikes, among other items. It is crucial to make your bikes store properly and store items with care.

Make sure to clean the inside of the storage for bikes regularly. Sweep the floors and wipe clean the storage shelves (if any).

You might need to eliminate and get rid of stains and spillages using some synthetic turpentine oil.

5. Spray with protective product

There are some protective spray products that can maintain your storage for bikes. For that storage for bikes made of plastic, you can add gloss and shine as a protective layer.

To avoid shabby look, you can polish the plastic storage for bikes.

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