10 Best Spot Sprayers 2021 (Reviews)

Best spot sprayers. No matter how healthy and lush your lawn or garden is, some weeds somehow will pop up. You can pull these weeds once it appears by hand and gets rid of these weeds for good.

If you see only a few weeds in your lawn, you do not have to treat the whole yard. You can kill them one by one using spot-treat method.

All you need is to purchase the best spot sprayers that can individually kill just the weed and not harming the cultivated plants.

A spot sprayer is a small, trigger-controlled, and pump-up pressure sprayer. You can get the job done fast and easy, especially for a large lawn or garden to cover.

All you have to do is to purchase a liquid herbicide, fill the tank, and turn on the spot sprayer. You can finish the job in no time.

What is the best spot sprayers?

The best spot sprayer is the one product that can target individual weeds or plants precisely. It should have a nozzle, hose, tank, and pump.

Once you notice weeds invading your garden or crops, you can target them without harming the cultivated plants. You can also use them to water plants, fertilizing plants, or spraying insecticides.

Top 10 best spot sprayers comparison chart

Model  Capacity Price Rating Link
Chapin 97300 15-Gallon Spot Sprayer 12 Volt Sprayer Deluxe Dripless EZ Mount ATV 15-gallon $$ 3.9 Buy From Amazon
Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer 12 Volt Sprayer Pump 15-gallon $$ 4.3 Buy From Amazon
Guide Gear 10-Gallon Sprayer ATV Spot Sprayer 12 Volt Sprayer Pump 10-gallon $$ 4.4 Buy From Amazon
NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer 21-gallon $$ 4.6 Buy From Amazon
NorthStar 12-Volt Spayer ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer 16-gallon $$ 4.4 Buy From Amazon
Fimco 15-Gallon Sprayer 12 Volt Sprayer 15-gallon $$ 3.4 Buy From Amazon

List of the 6 best spot sprayers reviews

1. Chapin 97300 15-Gallon Spot Sprayer 12 Volt Sprayer Deluxe Dripless EZ Mount ATV

15-gallon spot sprayer

Chapin manufactures this 15-gallon spot sprayer. This 12-volt sprayer comes with the deluxe sprayer.

This Chapin EZ Mount Dripless Sprayer is designed to mount to a standard lawn tractor, ATV, and UTV. The tank is made from chemical resistance with a capacity of fifteen gallons.

The 15-gallon spot sprayer comes with rachet straps that have webbing that is non-abrasive, sturdy, low stretch, and weather resistance. Any cargo will be securely tightened without getting any damage.

The manifold comes with pressure gauge that provide turn on and shut off spray with high precision. The hose is a fifteen foot reinforced.

The 15-gallon spot sprayer can give up to 70 PSI pressure for long and strong spray.

2. Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer 12 Volt Sprayer Pump

The very best feature about this 12-volt sprayer pump product is that you do not have to worry about any damage issues, because this 12-volt sprayer comes with a ninety days limited warranty. Anytime you are having trouble with the spot sprayer, you can bring this spot sprayer to the manufacturer.

This twenty-five gallons spot sprayer can spot spray to up to 60 PSI with its twelve volts pump. The tank is made of heavy plastic with a drain plug for easy cleaning after use.

The heavy plastic tank can be mounted easily in the rear basket of a garden tractor or ATV. For an easy spray, it is equipped with 12-inch hose that has a thumb-control spray wand for easy control while spraying.

3. Guide Gear 10-Gallon Sprayer ATV Spot Sprayer 12 Volt Sprayer Pump

10-gallon sprayer

This 10-gallon sprayer (ATV spot sprayer) is equipped with one GPM pump with 40 PSI. You can easily practice spot spraying with extra precision and pressure with this 10-gallon sprayer.

The pump is made of chemical-resistant and durable material for long-lasting life. The gallon can hold up to ten gallons of liquid made from extra-thick UV and chemical-resistant polymer.

After any application, you can clean the tank by flushing the remaining liquid through the bottom drain with a 6″ opening. You can fill the tank of this 10-gallon sprayer according to your preference with the molded gallon marks for an easy check fluid level.

The spray gun nozzle of this 10-gallon sprayer can be adjusted from cone to stream and stream adjusts up to 14′ vertical and 25′ horizontal maximum spray distance. The clear PVC hose is fourteen-foot which also can make you easy to monitor liquid flow.

4. NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

Spot Sprayer

The versatile and high-end spot sprayer from NorthStar provides you the qualification to do wide-coverage spraying and with precision. The spot sprayer has a commercial-grade pump with durability, resistance to harsh conditions, and corrosive chemicals. The pump is 70 PSI maximum.

The tank is designed to handle the roughest terrain and secured to a sturdy, heavy-duty steel cart. You can easily monitor the level of fluid in the tank from molded gallon marks.

This spot sprayer is equipped with boom arms that will not damage when struck. You can use it to fill herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers.

The tank is made from heavy-duty, UV-resistant, and chemical-resistant polymer. There is a 7 ½ inches lid for easy liquid fill. After use, you can drain all the liquid and clean through the bottom drain.

5. NorthStar 12-Volt Spayer ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

Spot sprayer

NorthStar manufactures this broadcast and spot sprayer that includes spray gun that can spray to a horizontal distance to up to thirty feet and nineteen feet vertical.

There are two nozzle booms for dependable spot and broadcast system. Its pump generates 70 PSI for fast and effortlessly application.

The tank has an extra-thick walled tank that can hold up to sixteen gallons. You can apply any spot spray that is attached to an ATV.

Its pump valves are made with chemical-resistant Viton for longer life, better performance, and faster priming. To control pressure, you can use the regulator, pressure gauge, and deluxe trigger spray gun.

6. Fimco 15-Gallon Sprayer 12 Volt Sprayer

Fimco 15-Gallon Sprayer

Fimco manufactures this Fimco 15-gallon sprayer with a tank capacity of fifteen gallons made of Polyethylene. With a 35 PSI pump, this Fimco 15-gallon sprayer can spray horizontally up to twenty-five feet, while it can spray vertically to up to twelve feet.

The Fimco 15-galloon sprayer is equipped with a hose made of EPDM rubber that is fifteen feet long. The material is a tough and versatile high-density synthetic rubber for outdoor applications.

How to clean a spot sprayer?

  • It is recommended that you wear protective gear when cleaning the spot sprayer, such as goggles, gloves, and face masks.
  • Empty the tank. After every use, you should drain the remaining liquid in the tank. If the tank has a draining hole, open the lid and let the liquid flush out of the tank. You must be careful when emptying the remaining liquid. You can flush the liquid to an empty bottle or can and keep them away for good.
  • Clean the sprayer. You can not let the remaining chemical like herbicide to sit more than 24 hours after use. Otherwise, it might harm the sprayer. Clean with dish soap and let it sit for at least 8 hours.
  • When the tank is empty completely, fill the tank with water. Rinse the tank for about 5 minutes. After that, wash with a garden hose for about 3 minutes.
  • Clean nozzles, screens, and filters, too.
  • When all the parts are dry, you can fill the tank with water and turn the spot sprayer on. Let the water flow for about 5 minutes to allow the water to flush through.

How to maintain a spot sprayer?

A spot sprayer might be left a long time due to your busy schedule to manage time for maintenance. The best way to maintain a spot sprayer is by giving a sort of time clean up after using it.

It would be best if you always remembered to clean entirely after using it with fresh water. After the complete wash, turn it upside down and allow the entire parts of the spot sprayer to dry out.

During spray time, some of the weeds may be left out due to lacking coverage. This lack may come from faulty of your spray nozzle that results from leaving the spot sprayer at unclean condition after a single use for a long time.

You have to optimize its spray pattern because you can use water-sensitive paper to test the spray pattern.

When a spray pattern comes to your focus, make sure that every single plant gets droplets from top to bottom during spray time. Most of the time, you let the top leaves are getting full droplet to compare to the bottom where diseases are still on the bottom side.

Some problems with spot sprayer

A standard spot sprayer consists of a hose, pump assembly, tank, and nozzle configuration for applying water, fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticides across your lawn or garden.

Using liquid chemicals under pressure from the pump assembly, your spot sprayer lets you control its spray pattern and distance to force the liquid chemicals to reach their target areas.

Over time, spot sprayers will have problems that may need standard maintenance solutions for a properly working tool.

1. Leak problems

If you see any leaks spreading out from the nozzle, hose, or valve connections, you must not use the spot sprayer. Release the internal pressure with the relief valve.

Dripping liquid chemicals across the lawn or yard may damage nearby plants, humans, and animals. Usually, these parts have an O-ring or gasket.

After so many use, these gaskets can crack or damage or shift. You must do the careful inspection to pinpoint the leaking gasket.

You need to replace it with a new replacement or a gasket repositioning to fix the leaking area.

2. Clog problems

A small dirt particle may clog nozzles and hoses after many uses, especially if the tank is not cleaned or maintained correctly. If the spot spray pattern is blocked, the possible problem is a clog.

First, you have to release the tank’s pressure with the relief valve. Remove the nozzle and run water through it. Use the pressure of a garden hose against the clog, and it should fix the clogged part fast.

It is highly recommended to use a high-pressure pressure washer or insert tools within the sprayer’s parts. The spot sprayer’s components are easily broken by these hard tools and rapidly concentrated water.

3. Low pressure or no pressure at all

Most spot sprayers use a pump assembly to stimulate internal pressure. You can move the pump handle up or down to increase pressure.

Your spot sprayer may show low or weak or no pressure just by observing the water flow. To fix this problem, open the tank and remove the pump assembly to pinpoint the problem.

If water leaks into the pump, it indicates either a bad gasket or a damaged pump assembly. Replacing with new parts will revive your spot sprayer for regular use.

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