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Best Palram Greenhouse in 2022: 5 Affordable Options

Whether you have the desire to begin a garden or you want to add a new enclosed place for your delicate or fragile plants, a palram greenhouse is an excellent choice for any gardening enthusiast.

Before you rush into purchasing a greenhouse, you should do your research. You have to know that not all greenhouse structures feature the same quality and functionality.

And not every greenhouse is suited for your gardening requirements. Many plants are vulnerable to pests and various weather conditions in the first year of gardening.

Baby plants and seedlings can fry in the hot sun. This can be caused by insufficient coverage or inadequate shading.

Bugs can also have a meal out of your cultivated plants.

These problems can be solved by setting up a greenhouse in your patio, balcony, or garden. The greenhouse will provide your cultivated plant’s superior protection and also provide the best chance at a productive and long life.

A stationary heavy wooden structure of the old traditional greenhouse and breakable glass windows are long gone now. This greenhouse did not provide you a lot of versatility.

Today’s greenhouses are built in a kit form that includes things you need for easy and fast setup.

In just minutes, the poles, shelves, cover, the frame will be assembled. You can begin adding your grow lights and your choice of cultivated plants.

Having a portable greenhouse will give you the freedom to disassemble the greenhouse kit and move it around your yard as the season’s change.

Best Palram Greenhouse in 2022: 5 Options

Palram HGK125 Snap & Grow Hobby Greenhouse w/Starter Kit


The Palram Snap and Grow 6’x8′ greenhouse with starter kit includes every part you need to begin growing your plant. All you have to do after you assemble the Palram Greenhouse, to add soil and plants.

These greenhouses use the smart lock frame connector system for a simple and easy assembly. You do not need additional hardware or tools.

Its crystal-clear snap glass panels are unbreakable, slide into the frame, and lock into place. The greenhouse also features a roof vent, aluminum frame, rain gutter, and single split door.

It comes with the starter kit, which includes a drip irrigation kit, cable anchoring kit, two heavy-duty shelves, and an automatic vent opener. You can assemble in minutes.

To help maintain proper temperature, Palram greenhouse automatic vent openers will adjust your vent openings. The opener will automatically raise the vent to let the right amount of cool air into the greenhouse when inside the greenhouse warms.

The opener closes when the optimal temperature is at the right amount. The vent arm uses natural wax that contracts when cooled and expands with heat without electricity needed.

Each 24½ x 16½ Heavy Duty Shelf Kit provides enough workspace to hold up to ninety pounds of greenhouse necessities, watering cans, and soils. These shelves can be moved quickly, and it is attached to the greenhouse frame supports.

To prevent from getting damaged by high wind, this greenhouse has a proper anchoring. Using two cables anchor solidly to the ground on each side and wrap over the top of the greenhouse. The anchoring kit includes cable guides for the eaves and the roof, four ground anchors, and two cables.

The included drip irrigation kit will slowly drip water to the roots of your cultivated plants. This irrigation system will provide hydration while minimizing evaporation. The package also features a thirty-inch supply line, sixteen, twenty-inch drip lines. To control the flow of water, a sealed water pressure regulator will do the job. The regulator connects with a garden hose to the supply water evenly to the drip lines.

This greenhouse also includes ten plant hangers attach to channels in the roof rafters. These hangers can be used for planters or pots or hanging baskets or stringing support for vine crops. The other uses would be to attach interior shade cloths for optimal light transmission.

  • Solid anchoring
  • Irrigation drip kit
  • Automatic vent opener
  • Heavy-duty shelves
  • Rust-resistance frame
  • None

Palram HGK143 Glory Greenhouse w/4 HD Shelves

The Palram’s Glory greenhouses had been created for professional gardeners. For all year round use of heated as well as cooled condition, the frame is reinforced with a powder-coated aluminum frame.

The wall of the greenhouse is ten mm thick, made of twin-wall polycarbonate panels. If you are going to grow healthy plants, this greenhouse is equipped with three roof vents with heat-activated openers and side louver windows.

These features will provide the proper temperature and ideal airflow. The width of the door is thirty-one-inch wide made of heavy-duty, and it is a lockable door. The door comes with a threshold that lets easy access for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs.

To provide an internal ground anchoring system and to collect fresh rainwater, this Palram greenhouse features an integrated gutter system that will also add stability.

Each greenhouse will include four 23 “W x 16” D heavy duty shelf kits, which can support to 90 pounds of soil and plants. You can grow leafy and tall cultivated plants because the greenhouse has sidewalls over six-inch tall and a peak of almost nine-inch.


  • Wide and lockable door
  • Tall sidewalls for tall and leafy plants
  • Provide stability
  • Three roof vents
  • Heavy-duty shelves

  • No irrigation kit included

Palram HG5508 Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

The Palram Nature Hybrid greenhouse has a six-foot-wide frame and two advanced polycarbonates to provide your growing requirements in small spaces. The twin-wall polycarbonate will provide the right light management because of light-diffusing properties, heat-retaining ability, and durability.

The twin-wall roof can block almost 100% UV radiation. The diffused light system helps maximizes plant growth and erase the risk of plant burn and provides shade areas.

The crystal clear polycarbonate side panels can provide ninety-percent transmission of light. The polymer is made with virgin materials that will not discolor or brittle over time.

The frame of the Palram greenhouse is made from a rust-resistant aluminum frame with a heavy-duty galvanized steel base. These materials prove the greenhouse will last for years to come.

For keeping sustainable irrigation, the greenhouse comes with an integrated rain gutter to channel water. The door has a magnetic door catch for safe closing. To moderate airflow and temperature, its single roof vent will maximize growing conditions.

  • Block UV radiation
  • Rain gutter to channel water
  • Made from a rust-resistant aluminum frame with a heavy-duty galvanized steel base
  • Crystal clear polycarbonate side panels can provide ninety-percent transmission of light
  • None

Palram HG6000 Oasis Greenhouse

Upgrade the beauty of your garden while enjoying outdoor living space with this Palram greenhouse. This greenhouse will make sure your cultivated plants will live with a well-balanced exposure to sunlight.

The sun exposure is provided by the polycarbonate twin-wall roof panels and crystal-clear side panels. You can assemble this greenhouse with ease.

It features a galvanized steel base for structural support, an integrated gutter system for supporting water collection and water drainage. It has a lockable double door and side louver window for ventilation.

You can enjoy its elegant design, generous growing area, and stable nurturing conditions.

  • Can block up to 99.9% of UV rays
  • The crystal clear polycarbonate panels can provide 90% light transmission
  • Heavy-duty, and rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Wide double lockable door for safety and extra protection
  • Integrated gutter system for effective water collection and water drainage
  • Side louver window for providing airflow, let regulation of humidity levels and heat
  • None

Palram Bella Hobby Greenhouse

The Bella Palram greenhouse design is focusing on mechanics and beauty. This greenhouse product can provide effective light management through its twin-wall polycarbonate.

Twin-wall polycarbonate is the best choice because of its heat-retaining ability, light-diffusing properties, and durability. The side panels and twin-wall roof can block almost 100% of solar UV radiation.

These features can also create a system of even-light. The even-light is to eliminate the risk of plant burn and maximize plant growth.

You do not have to worry about the polymer to become brittle or discolor over time. The bell-shaped aluminum frame will add an elegant appearance to your garden or backyard, but it also reduces snow build-up and wind impact.

With a corrosion-resistant, durable, eight-inch-wide frame with four available lengths, you can customize the perfect greenhouse. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

  • Six mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels
  • Can block almost 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Rust-resistant frame designed to withstand strong wind and decrease snow build-up
  • Adjustable roof vent
  • Lockable door handle
  • Galvanized steel base for structural support
  • It comes with 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • None

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Palram Greenhouses

What to consider when buying a greenhouse?

1. Panels

There are three types of panels for greenhouses. These are clear panels, diffused panels and merged clear and diffused panels.

The clear panels will give you enough light for growing your cultivated plants. You can choose polycarbonate, fiberglass, glass, or double-sheet polyethylene to cover your greenhouse.

While the diffused panels can help plants to create food from light. Plants without diffusion produce a majority of their food from the top leaves facing the sun.

Direct light may provide excessive heat which causes cultivated plant stress. When a plant is immersed in diffused light, all the leaves can photosynthesize resulting in fuller plant development, healthier plant, and more food production.

The upper leaves of the cultivated plant inside the greenhouse receive less intense light that means they would not suffer from plant stress.

The panels or covering is the most crucial aspect of your greenhouse because it will determine how much amount of light your cultivated plants receive. The different materials will allow a different amount of light to pass through and may provide varying amounts of diffusion.

Make sure you carefully decide which material is best for your panels. This is because too many lights can overheat and burn cultivated plants. While shading may cause plants to die.

2. Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential for a greenhouse to function correctly. The ventilation gives fresh air to the cultivated plants (CO2), reduces the rate of getting diseases, and helps to control humidity and temperature.

Because greenhouses are enclosed structures, this will not ventilate on their own. To make sure that proper ventilation in the greenhouse is achieved, you must install either a passive or automatic ventilation system.

A passive ventilation system is a ventilation system with no mechanical components to operate the ventilation system. Instead, the greenhouse is ventilated through the ridge vents.

A powered ventilation system or automatic ventilation system is powered with a powered fan and intake vents. This system will automatically open the vent the heat raise and automatically close the vent when it gets cooler.

3. Frame

The material of the frame of a greenhouse can determine how strong and how long it will last. There are four frame materials use for a greenhouse, PVC frame, plastic frame, wood frame, and aluminum frame.

The aluminum frame is the most popular choice when it comes to a greenhouse frame. Aluminum is lightweight and will not erode or rust.

The plastic frame is also a popular choice when it comes to greenhouse frames. The plastic frame is durable and can withstand all types of inclement weather.

The wood greenhouse frame is an old school with regular amongst greenhouse. The wood frame is durable and strong can withstand all types of weather conditions. A greenhouse with a wood frame is a good insulator to retain more heat. Wood is easy to work with.

How to maintain a greenhouse temperature?

1. Temperature controller

You have to remember to ensure you have achieved the appropriate heat in winter months and proper ventilation in the summer months or warmer climate. Once the sun is out, temperatures will rise rapidly. It can reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit within two hours inside the greenhouse if it is sixty or seventy degrees outside.

2. Moisture

The greenhouse must have some sort of irrigation system such as growing trays, bottom watered, drip irrigation system, or water the cultivated plants at least twice a day. With the temperature rising rapidly, it would be easy for the trays to dry out.

3. Cover

A cover is important if you started your seeds indoors and move them into the greenhouse. They need to be under some filter or protection from the sun so they have time to develop the photoreceptors needed to process the intense sunlight.

4. Encourage growth

By providing the flow of wind or an oscillating fan into the greenhouse or staging plants outside is essential, so the plants have some resistance and are encouraged to strengthen their stems before setting them out into the garden.

5. Nutrition

Cultivated plants need a source of food. The potting mix has to be mixed with worm castings or fertilizer to provide a food source. It will be helpful to apply liquid fertilizer at least once a week.

What are the advantages of growing plants in a greenhouse?

1. To protect the plant from pests

There are garden predators such as bugs, insects, small animals, and birds. These pests will feast on cultivated plants outdoor. Your cultivated plants will be safely contained in the greenhouse.

2. Extend the growing season

You can begin your seedlings earlier in the growing season and grow plants later in the season. To extend the growing season is an appealing one and can be done in the greenhouse.

3. Maximize growing spaces

Many greenhouse brand or model provides many add-on options such as plant hangers, shelving, and trellising kits. These add-ons will let you have your greenhouse supporting plant life. You can have more plants growing in your 6×8 greenhouse than you can in a 6×8 garden.

4. Save money

Even if you think that an expensive greenhouse will not worth it to grow plants, eventually, it will not take a long time to see a return on that investment. You can buy vegetables from your favorite local grocery stores. But if you grow these vegetables in the greenhouse, you can extend your growing season. This way, you can trim back your grocery expenses by having fresh food available longer. Other than that, you will have more food for consumption later.

Can you use a greenhouse in the winter?

If you can grow fresh produce vegetables or plants year-round inside a greenhouse, it would be beneficial to you. Growing plants during winter in the greenhouse is possible without needing supplemental heat. Inside the greenhouse, plants can withstand winter temperatures even down to zero outside. The cultivated plants will not freeze inside.

What is the point of a greenhouse?

One of the most important uses of a greenhouse is to protect cultivated plants or crops from excess heat or cold and unwanted pests. A greenhouse can help anyone to grow crops or plants year-round. Crops such as fruits, vegetables, tobacco plants, and flowers are what a greenhouse most commonly grows.

How does a Palram greenhouse work?

A greenhouse is a building to grow plants or crops with glass walls and a glass roof. You can grow plants, such as a lemon tree, tomatoes, and tropical flowers. A greenhouse keeps the cultivated plants stays warm inside, even during the winter months. In the daytime, sunlight provides light into the greenhouse and warms the plants and air inside.

How does a Palram greenhouse stay warm at night?

A greenhouse is heated with solar radiation. With this feature, it can stay warm even during cold days of winter months. Light from the sun passes through the glass roof to heat grounds and plants inside. Then they are emitted infrared radiation, which is absorbed in the glass roof.