6 Best Plants For Pots Outside Front Door 2021

Best Plants For Pots Outside Front Door. You might be wondering about the subject. It is rarely given enough thought in custom home design. It is about the way you exit and enter your house. Yes. Now you are talking about your front door. It is about a big hole in the wall, that will give you access a way in and a way out.

You probably never notice the design of the front door to your house. You must be busy spending time working on the design of the exterior and the interior of your house.

Even about how to create the spaces indoors. One thing to consider is, space and the front door itself, can determine the success of the entire custom home design.

The entry point of your house can establish your home’s character and its personality. The front door may suggest how the rest of the house should be.

It can tell the difference between the world of the street and the world of your family. The front door can tell the world something about the people who live behind the front door.

Why you need a plant for a front door?

It would be telling the truth to say that your front of a house “makes a statement”. The front door can make an impression or an invitation or a barrier to anyone.

It can tell anyone about the humble or pompous. Now that is a statement right? The front door and the area around it can tell everyone about a message about a season to your neighbor.

You can decorate your front door with pumpkins for Halloween, blue flowers on the Fourth of July or red flowers during Christmas.

Each of the materials of decoration can be the element of speech to have something to say. The outside front door can be one part of a sequence of spaces and elements.

This will create a transition from the public landscape (the street) to the private landscape (the house). Including the walks, landscaping, steps, porches, overhangs, lights, doors, and interior for front door spaces.

You will have a successful front door decoration with the right placement and the right design of all of these elements. One element has to complement each other and it should.

Before you are going to your house, it starts in the street with the initial views. You can see where the entry point to the whole property is, and where the front door to the house is.

A path from the driveway or the street to the front door should be direct. Anyone will look at them as they approach your house, and they will search for the shortest path to the entry point of course.

The scenery changes and the front door moves in and out of view. You should imagine if you place plants. It would lighten up your views.

Especially colorful plants with their stunning look. You might want to consider plant them in a pot and place them in the right place. You might also consider maintenance.

List of the best plants for pots outside the front door

1. Hydrangea

best plants for pots outside front door

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How do you think about the beautiful hydrangea blooms to accent your outside front door? Endless Summer hydrangea can give a stunning accent to your home’s landscape from spring to fall. They can even be placed in your garden, in pots outside the front door and in containers.

If you plan to plant perennial hydrangeas in pots, you will get the option and versatility of moving your potted hydrangea throughout the season to the right spot on your garden or lawn or yard or patio or your front door.

Potted Endless Summer hydrangeas are amazingly elegant. They are beautifully rose pink, gorgeous purple, stunning white, the large hydrangeas blooms make an impressive statement. With just one hydrangea you can spruce up your front door easily, simple, and striking way. Hydrangeas can be complemented with annual or perennial plants such as licorice vines, lobelia, and euphorbia. Make sure not to place too many plants as it will appear crowded. Simple, elegant and sleek is the plant you need outside the front door.

2. Dwarf Radicans Gardenia

best plants for pots outside front door

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You really can enjoy this aromatic beauty that can spark your outside front door. Even if this plant has a small size, dwarf gardenias (also known as Gardenia jasminoides “Radicans”) can be eye-catching in the landscape.

It can only grow 2 feet to 3 feet tall. With the spreads of 4 feet to 5 feet, the plant can produce white flowers in the summer (early and mid). The leaves are glossy and 1-inch-wide with its fragrant. They are suitable for potted plants placed in front of the door, for small gardens or lawn or yard, they will live up the indoor or outdoor space during bloom.

If you care enough effort for the plant, it will remain healthy and produces beautiful flowers and foliage. With the right sufficient drainage, adequate water, provide acidic soil and give enough sunlight, it would be enough for this plant to grow just as well in pots as they do plant in the ground.

3. Roses


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Use a potted rose is one stylish and amazing way to brighten up outside the front door. With potted rose, you immediately create a focal point in your front landscape as well as adding bold color and fragrance to the location. Planting roses in pots also allows you to control the growing conditions of the beautiful plant. It would be a big benefit when you do not have garden soil or backyard. Roses are beautiful with so many color choices to be placed outside the front door.

When it comes to selecting a pot, you should pick a bigger size pot. This is due to the nature of extensive root systems that Rose plant has. One standard-size rose plant should be planted in a pot in between 8 to 15-gallon size range. The size of the pot should be big enough to hold the root ball of the plant. Not to forget also the additional room for growth. A larger pot also holds bigger soil volume and this means that the soil dries out less frequently than that smaller pot. Bigger pot means less watering for you. That would be a big advantage.

One important factor is the drainage system for the potted rose. If you find that the soil is too wet, the roots may rot. You must look for a pot that has drainage holes at the bottom. You can make your own holes with a drill or pick a different pot.

4. Chrysanthemum


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Picture your front door have an array of bright yellows Chrysanthemum placed elegantly in front of your outside front door especially during the fall in pots. It is the perfect choice for a stunning look of the amazing Chrysanthemum, or usually called “mum.”

Potted Chrysanthemum plants are a very good choice of flower. They have an amazing range of shapes, sizes and fall colors. They will add the perfect pop of color and texture to your front door.

You do not have to complement them with another plant because they can stand amazingly at your front door by themselves. Place them lined up in a window box, or if you have a garden you can plant them into the ground. You will see how your landscape shines after placing them.

5. Arborvitae Evergreen Trees


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If you want to have a green look at your outside front door, then the Arborvitae tree is hard to beat. It is a fast-growing and easy to care evergreen to use as a complimentary tree or hedge. It can be used as a fence when you plant several of them in the short distance between them. The dense foliage will fill in, creating a live fence. They can also be used as many other ways as both formal and informal garden designs. They are suitable for almost any purpose or landscape.

It can be potted or plant in a container that will provide a good look at the outside front door all year long. They are tolerant of root restriction in smaller sizes and can thrive outside the front door in pots for years. You can pick a perfect pot size so the roots can grow with extra room. You can even choose any kind of pot material including fiberglass, treated wood, clay, ceramic, concrete, or sturdy plastic.

When planting these trees, you must remember to have good drainage. A formulated mix of potting mix special for evergreens is needed. You must not consider using garden soil. It is too compact and too heavy that will limit drainage. After the planting is done, the soil must be watered all the way. It would be helpful if you spread a layer of compost or mulch over the top, to retain moisture.

6. Bougainvillea


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You can plant bougainvillea in small pots or hanging baskets or in-ground as a hedge or a bush or a vine that can be climbed up a trellis or vertically on a wall. They would make a rich color display. The flowers and bract will do just that. When you plant it, you will have no problem with taking care of it because it is so easy to do.

When you plan to place bougainvilleas in a pot outside the front door, this would be easy also to take care of. They can live for over 10 years in any season. During those years it will produce color colors in your garden or in pots. It is a versatile and showy plant that makes your front door, parks, roads, and garden have a living color, that makes unique and graceful forms if grown for topiary or bonsai purposes.

The plant is originated from Brazil and it is a tropical plant. It thrives well in full sun. For it to have a better bloom, it needs at least 5 hours of sun exposure or more. It can also tolerate low temperatures with some caution. Because it is a tropical plant, in low temperature (below 4.5° C or 40 °F), the bracts and leaves may wilt. It can be damaged at these temperatures.

What to consider purchasing plants for pots outside front door

Good pot or container

Know the basic first. You have to choose the right pot or container. The good choice would be to purchase pot or container with drainage. Without drainage it would kill the plant slowly. If the pot has no drainage, drill holes on the bottom. You may also hammer some nail holes.

Good soil

You have to get good soil. Many planters had been using soil with moisture control. It grows plants twice as big compare to unfed plants. With its features, it absorbs 33% more water compare to other potting soil. Usually, it contain sphagnum peat moss, coir, and wetting agent for better growth. Fill at least the top 1/3rd for large pot or containers and more than 1/2 for a smaller container.


Boost the eye-catching statement by choosing a colorful plant or plant that has the height. You can choose spike plants or flower plants. Just make sure to choose something that catches other people’s eyes.

Henry Kaswandi, SS, M.Kom.

I had been doing gardening for the last 18 years. I enjoy writing reviews of many products and about gardening to give better experiences and accurate information.