9 Best Fruit Picker Tool 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Best Fruit Picker. A fruit picker is a kind of tool that can be used to pull and grab fruits from trees. It can be extendable, lightweight, and long in length to reach those unreachable areas by hand or ordinary tools. They have a basket that does not bruise or causing damages to the fruits.

Best Fruit Picker

Best fruit picker tool have benefits for users.

Benefits of fruit picker tool

Does not need ladders

You do not need a ladder to pick fruit. They are stretchable and long enough to access the tree. You do not have to buy ladders that are generally more expensive.

1. No strains and fatigue

Fruit picker is long and tall, as well as lighter. They are made from a light material like Aluminum. You will not get the fatigues when you hold them for a longer period.

2. No damage to the fruits

They are designed as bruise-free pickers so it will provide no damage to your fruit. It preserves the fruits to their original and natural conditions as it needed commercially standard.

3. Extendable length

This feature will let you adjust the lengths to respond to the height of the fruit. Comfort in times of use is therefor yours to leverage.

What is the best fruit picker?

When you want to choose a fruit picker, you have to consider picking style and the types of fruit. Fruit pickers can be used for picking numerous kinds of fruits, while fruit pickers can only serve a single type of fruit to pick.

You have to imagine the size of the fruit you pick. The other consideration would be the length size of the fruit picker, so you can reach the top of the tree.

Picking Grapefruit or Avocado tree, you might want to purchase the longest fruit picker available. For the Orange or Tangerine tree, a short pole can serve the picking.

Maybe the most important to consider is the weight of the fruit picker. It has to be lightweight so you will not feel distressed while picking fruit.

The basket must be equipped with pad, so it will not damage or bruise the fruit while picking.

List of the best fruit picker tool

1. Ohuhu Fruits Picker Tool Apple Mango Avocado Fruits

Best Fruit Picker

This fruit picker tool is probably a world leader in the Apple fruit picking tool or equipment. The manufacturer of this Apple picker tool has really high reputation world over.

The fruit picker is tough, strong, and very easy to use. It is also effective in picking Apple fruits as well as other fruits.

The Apple fruit tree picker is light because its telescopic pole is made of Aluminum. You do not have to use extra power to lift and operate it.

You do not have to be a strong person in order to practice the fruit picking. You will discover it relevant and suitable for your practice with leaner muscles. 

You will also use it for a long period of time. It has an elegant feature that is the deep basket. The Apple fruit or other fruit will dip into this basket which you pick.

The basket has a large capacity. With this feature, it has the ability to fill as many fruits as you can.

The basket comes with a pad. This fitting will make fruits do not sustain any bruises or damages. If you are selling Apple fruit, you will meet the standards set out for commercial standards.

It has a total length of 13-foot. The length allows you to reach out easily to all the fruits within that range. You do not have to climb a ladder.

You do not have to strain too much to pick the fruits you want. This particular fruit picker or fruit picking tool will effectively save you a good deal of effort and time.

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2. Harrms Fruits Picker Pole Tool Apple Mango Avocado

Best Fruit Picker

This is a 13 feet fruit picker tool that will provide you no more worries about using tall and dangerous ladders. All you have to do is to stand on the ground, find the fruit you want to pick, hook the fruit and pick it with a little pull.

It is an easy pick, simple, relaxed and pleasant practice. This tool comes with a 1.2 inch (3.05 cm) soft sponge mat to make sure that the fruit falls into the basket without damaging, bruising, crushing, and keeping the fruit fresh.

You can choose the right length you require to reach the fruit height. This tool can be mounted in three steps. It can be from 5 to 13 feet and can stand up to 20 feet.

This fruit picker tool does not bend or break when picked from a fruit tree. The tool is lightweight because it is made from high-quality aluminum alloy.

It weighs only 2.3 pounds (1.04 kg) and measures less than 5 feet (1.52 meters) when shortened and when being stored.

Not only that this fruits picker tool can use to pick Apples, it can also pick Oranges, Avocados, Mangoes, Lemons, and Kiwifruit. It meets the standard for commercial use.

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3. SAN LIKE Fruits Picker for Picking Apple Mango Avocado Pear Orange Kiwi

Best Fruit Picker

This fruit picker tool is a 4 to 11 foot long made of fiberglass. It is ultra-lightweight for easy control of picking practice.

Because it is made of fiberglass, the weight is much lighter than other aluminum poles. You can do the picking practice with no strain and feeling any fatigue and strain. This will absolutely save your effort and strength.

This fruit picker twists onto a threaded pole to provide a secure and fast harvest practice that will not easily come loose. Amazingly, it can be useful and suitable for another twist on tools including dusters, squeegees, and light bulb changers.

This product is also available with a 3-stage fiberglass extension pole. The length of the pole can be extended to any length from 4 to 11 feet (3.35 meters). You do not need to worry about using a dangerous ladder. Reach the high Apple, Mango, and Avocado trees with this fruit picker tool.

The fruit picking tool is easy to assemble. It features 3 parts of the extension pole and a twist-on basket.

You can twist onto the threaded pole and use your screwdriver to tighten the basket collar to start grabbing Apple or Mango or Avocado.

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4. Flexrake LRB190 Fruits Picker Apple Mango Avocado

Best Fruit Picker

This fruit picker tool is a product for people who want to have an easy assistant in picking up fruits. The total length of this fruit picker is 13 feet (3.96 m). You do not need to use a ladder to pick fruit.

That would be very helpful to pick the fruit at the high place without difficulty. You can adjust the length according to the height of the fruit tree.

When you pick fruit like Apple, Avocado or Mango you will not have to worry about bruising or damaging the fruit. This is possible because the fruit picker is attached to the pad. So it is also suitable for commercial picking.

This product is durable, lightweight, and convenient to use. It is because the fruit picker is made from fiberglass. All you have to do is grab the Apple or Mango or Avocado fruit and pull with ease.

The wire basket is made from heavy gauge vinyl coated.

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5. Abco Tech Fruits Picker Tool for Oranges, Apples, Mango, Avocado

Best Fruit Picker

Sometimes you need several purposes for a picker tool. Therefore, you want to try out a picker that can adapt to several accessories. With several purposes a picker can serve, it could be the picker you have been looking for.

This picker tool is made of Aluminum. That makes this picker tool is the right choice if you want a long-lasting and durable picker poles. The durability comes with it being not easy to bend. Because of this, it is considered to be reliable for use against a high wind.

It comes with removable parts to be assembled easily. You can adjust the length according to your need to reach the various parts of the fruit tree. If not in use, you can store quite conveniently.

This product has a yellow buckle for an easy lock or unlocks while in use. The mechanism should let you extend or diminish the overall length as you like. You can also spot hidden fruit with ease.

To extend or to shorten the length of the pole is simple. Apply three stages of practices to achieve this. Feel the extra conveniences while engaging the pole in action.

This fruit picker tool allows you to pick a wide range of fresh fruits. You can use this as an Apple picker or Mango picker or Avocado picker. Fruits picker pole or fruit pole picker and safe for use.

A fruits picking basket pole and provide you with minimal effort. This is an ideal fruit picker with a basket.

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6. EVERSPROUT 13-Foot Fruits Picker Apple Mango Avocado

Best Fruit Picker

You probably need to comfort yourself when it is time to pick fruits. Feeling comfort matters a lot especially when you handle extremely tall fruit trees. Good quality and good design fruits picker could be the answer for comfortable fruits picking.

To achieve this comfort, this fruit picker is equipped with EVA foam-padded hand grips. This means that it will eliminate blisters forming from rubbing and pressure.

With the comfortable hand grips, it also has an extendable pole. You can extend and shorten the fruit picker at the length from 5 feet (1.52 meters) to 13 feet (3.96 m). 

When not in use, you just have to shorten it to store. You can extend for reaching even the most hidden portions of the fruit trees.

All the attachments are securely fitted and will not come out loose. You can be sure to count on the pole for this. You will not sustain any injuries.

The fruit picker is so versatile that it can be combined with other tools and perform other tasks. Changing light bulbs, attaching squeegees and dusters, are another task it can perform.

This fruits picker is suitable for commercial picking because it comes with a bruise-free foam padding to protect your fruit. You will ha a worry-free fruit picking along the way.

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7. Bond Manufacturing Wood Handle Fruit Harvester Apple Mango Avocado

Best Fruit Picker

When you do not the time to pick fruits, you require a cheap and multipurpose fruits picker. This product is the one to choose because the design is simple and easy to comprehend.

It comes with a durable metallic basket. The basket is where to place all the fruits after picking them. The durability of this fruit picker tool can assure you that you will not face problems while handling it.

Thus fruit picker is 8 feet (2.44 meters) long and has a wooden handle. Low-lying fruits are the picking target. 

The wooden handle can reduce friction between the metallic parts so it can avoid burns. The head has a colorful vinyl coating.

It is constructed with heavy wire construction that will provide long-term reliability. It comes with a foam cushion to absorb impact and frictions when you pick fruits.

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8. Lavohome Professional Metal Fruit Picker Mango Avocado Apple Orange

Best Fruit Picker

This fruit picker tool can provide you with consistency when picking fruits like Apple, Mango or Avocado frequently and regularly. The metallic pole is durable because it is strong enough to withstand many years of use. You will not have to spend time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Practicing the fruit picking is not much of a hassle. Grab and pull the pole as fast as you can. You can imagine the little effort you have to endure to do your picking work and achieve the desired result.

The total length of the pole measures is 8 feet (2.44 meters) and it can be extended to reach the fruit tree. The longest length it can reach is up to 15 feet (4.57 meters) from the ground.

You can do this without using any ladder. By just standing and operate the pole, you can reach to whichever part of the tree you want.

The pole is coated with the polyvinyl material to extends the lifespan of the pole. The coating will reduce the damage and tear to keep them for a long time.

This product is commercially suitable because of the 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) bruise-free fruit pad. It will prevent bruise or damage your fruits.

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9. Corona FP 2312 Extendable Fruit Picker

Best Fruit Picker

This fruit picker product is suitable as Apple picker, Avocado picker, and Mango picker. It is made of aluminum that makes it a lightweight fruit picker tool. This is to prevent you from getting strain and agony.

This Aluminum pole can extend to 12 feet (3.66 meters) to let you engage it without needing much power.

It comes with a powder-coated basket to resist corrosion and rust. The coated pole can withstand pressure without needing frequent maintenance and repairs.

The basket is deep enough with 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) in depth. You will be able to hold more fruits like Apple, Mango or Avocado at any time before placing the fruit to a bigger basket.

This product is commercially suitable because of the bruise-free fruit pad. It will prevent bruise or damage your fruits.

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What to consider for fruit pickers?


As mentioned before, the weight of the picker determines the ease of use because it will pick and grab the fruit. It has to be as light as possible, so you will not get fatigued or overwhelmed easily.

Fixed or extendable pole

To reach a higher tree, you may need to extend the fruit picker. That is when having extendable poles is important you can reach fruit at different heights.

The fixed pole may need a ladder for an extension. Fixed fruit pickers no longer than eight feet. Extendable ones can reach as high as 24 feet or 7.32 meters. Consider the tree height before any purchase.

Picking rate

If you pick fruit at a fast pace, then choose a harvest-style fruit picker. These pickers can hold a large quantity of fruits in an attached bag while you continuously pick more.

Basket-style fruit pickers can not hold more than two pieces of fruit at one pick. A harvest-style picker, can hold eight pieces of fruit in one bag.

Fruit type

Harvest pickers can serve best with Apples because they have thicker metal prongs that can pull an Apple fruit off its hefty branch. So they are perfect to serve as Apple pickers. They can also serve as Mango picker or Avocado picker.

Wire-basket pickers can serve citrus fruits because the wire prongs can twist the fruit from their branches. Remember to always notice what fruits you are picking. Which one will work best for you.

Material Construction

The kind of material that made the fruit picker also matters. They have to be durable, light, and flexible. They are the most wanted traits that the ideal picker contains.

Some materials available are Aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Chromium. Choose the fruit pickers made from these materials as your priority. They are best to serve as Apple pickers, Mango pickers, Orange picker and Avocado pickers.


Fruit pickers that have wooden handles will not last long. Choose metal poles handle because of they last longer.

The wooden poles will deteriorate to weather damage and break. They can promote the basket to disconnect from the pole because wood becomes vulnerable with age.

Harvesting bag

A fruit picker with a harvesting bag is better than fruit picker with a basket. The harvesting bag pick a lot of fruit in one practice before unloading. If you want to pick large amounts of fruit at a fast pace, this is the style for you.

Henry Kaswandi, SS, M.Kom.

I had been doing gardening for the last 18 years. I enjoy writing reviews of many products and about gardening to give better experiences and accurate information.