6 Best African Violet Pots 2021

Best African Violets pots. African Violets or Saintpaulia Ionantha are relatively small houseplants that have clusters of white or purple flowers over blurry leaves. African violets will flourish or bloom best through medium to bright indirect light. They can be grumpy, so make sure to know how to grow. Know how to do proper care.

African Violet plants are a great selection to complement the decoration of any home. If you take good care of them properly, they flower all year, and they look beautiful. You can place them in African Violet planters or pots of African Violets.

To take good care is to find the right pot. Picking the best African Violet flower pots available for your African Violet plant can make a big difference to its look and health.

  • Genus name: Saintpaulia Ionantha
  • Plant Type: houseplant
  • Common height: between six to twelve inches
  • Average width: three to six inches
  • Flower color: Pink, Blue, Red, and White
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Propagation: Leaf-cutting

What are the materials of African Violet pots?

The best option of pots would be a pot that has two layers so that you can add water to the bottom of the African Violet plant without it getting too wet.

When it has enough water on the top of the soil moist, the rest of the water can be dumped until it is time to water it in the future. If there is a little water in the base of the pot, the African Violet plant will self-water itself.

This matter would be great when you frequently go on a travel and have no chance to water your plants. There are several materials as options.

1. Clay pots

The good thing about clay pots is that they give a healthy environment for African Violet plants. The clay pots have many tiny holes that can allow air and moisture to penetrate all over the sides of the container.

Moisture and air used by the roots of the African Violet plant are at the edge of the soil ball. These pots act as a wick to eliminate excess moisture from the potting soil.

These are not the best-looking pots, but they are very beneficial with the tiny holes, which can be suitable for your African Violet plant to drain the water.

2. Plastic pots

Plastic pots are flexible, lightweight, and reliable. You can choose many colors available to complement interior decor and exterior decor.

Plastic can not act as a wick that drains water and moisture — the container made of inert materials and safe for growing plants.

There are also pots made of recyclable plastic, so disposal is environmentally friendly. They have thinner walls than clay pots that can provide no insulation during sudden temperature changes.

If you select a black plastic pot, it can act as a solar collector. The solar heat up the potting medium to plant damaging levels.

Direct sunlight can damage plastic pot, causing fading and brittleness. Plastic containers usually designed for outdoor use are treated with ultraviolet light inhibitors to reduce fading to increase the life-span of the box.

Make sure the pot you select has drainage holes in the bottom to avoid over-watering. Plastic containers that have saucer bottom are well-drained pots. Make sure not to leave water in the base of the plant.

3. Ceramic pots

Ceramic pots or ceramic containers, or stoneware, are made from textured, light-colored clay and then glazed. They burn in the oven at high temperatures.

The burning process decreases any tiny holes in the pot and reduces vulnerability to the elements. If a ceramic mug is out in the cold temperature, it can still be broken or crack.

Watering is an easy task with a ceramic pot. The pots are also very colorful, which can add beauty to your planting area.

What is the best African Violet pot?

There is no definite answer because it depends on your needs, style, and purpose. There are benefits, and there are drawbacks. So you can choose from the list below the best African Violet pots.

The best suitable pot for African Violet is called an Azalea pot. An Azalea pot is shallow. The height of an Azalea pot measures three-quarters of its diameter.

It is very vital and essential to use an Azalea pot for the African Violet plant because the roots of African Violets tend to grow out. It tends to do so more than growing down.

If you decide to re-pot the plant in a standard pot, the African Violet’s roots shall not grow to the bottom of the pan. The fresh potting soil will be wet.

This practice will reduce the amount of aeration that the roots receive. The other result is that it has an increased possibility of getting Root Rot or other deadly fungi.

Most recommended pot – 8 Inch Azalea Plastic Nursery Pots

Best African Violet Pots

This Azalea pot comes with 8 drainage holes at the bottom. The dimension is 8 inches around at the top and 5.6 inches deep.

List of the best African Violet pots

1. T4U – 6 Inch Self Watering Planters Plastic Plant Pot Best Pot For African Violet

Best African Violet Pots

This is a self-watering pot that does not need to water your African Violet plant every day. All you need to do is just water the plant 1 to 2 times per week. This activity will save effort and your time. These pots made with lightweight resin material.

It comes with an internal drainage reservoir to hold water. With this feature, the pot provides healthy African Violet by supplying constant moisture and preventing nutrients loss.

The post has a simple design, that would complement any home decor outdoor or indoor. It also comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. The dimension is 6 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall.

2. TVP Pottery – Blue 4″ Urn Shaped Self Watering Planter Pot For African Violet

Best African Violet Pots

With this self-watering pot, it can hold moisture for plants all year round. Plants will live and thrive with minimal care and attention.

The urn-shaped pot is suitable for plants at homes and offices. The outer part of the pot keeps the water to keep a plant having water and being alive for at least one to three weeks.

It would be long enough to keep those plants healthy while you are busy or being on a vacation or going away for business.

With its features, the self-watering pot is suitable for moisture-loving plants including African Violets, Asparagus Fern, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Boston Fern, Christmas Cactus, Chrysanthemum, Grape Ivy, Swedish Ivy, Poinsettia, Spider Plant, and numerous plants.

The outer part of this pot is fully glazed inside and out. This feature is intended to protect furniture from sweating and leakage. Dimension: 6 inches wide x 5 inches tall. The opening of 3.5 inches to fit a 4 inches African Violet plant.

3. T4U 7.5 Inch Self Watering Planter Pot Set of 4 Long-Term Water Storage Plant Pot Deep Reservoir Planter Pot Container for House Plants, African Violet (Beige)

Best African Violet Pots

This pot is suitable for African Violet because of its self-watering feature. The design is intended for a great deep reservoir.

The hollow legs reach down into the reservoir. This will provide the soil to draw moisture naturally. It happens without constantly flooded the root system.

You do not have to worry when you have to go out for 2 days on vacation or business trip, because of its clever self-watering pot to take care of the plant. It comes with a drainage hole on the side.

Water can go inside through the small holes on the side and the water will be stored in the reservoir. From this reservoir, nutrients and moisture will be absorbed automatically.

The design of classic color makes it perfect for planting African Violet plants. It is suitable for an indoor or outdoor setting and also good for a gift for your friends or neighbors or family who love to have activities in the garden.

You can place the pot on any table, counter, or indoor floor to spark your home or office.

Dimension: 7.5 inches diameter x 6 inches tall. Comes with a satisfaction guarantee within 120 days.

4. Window Garden – Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter (5”) + Fiber Soil = Foolproof Indoor Home Garden. Decorative Planter Pot for African Violet

Best African Violet Pots
Best African Violet Pots

This pot is a self-watering pot that features a handy water level indicator that will allow you to check how and when to water your African Violet plants. The time between watering could be reduced to weeks not days.

You can be sure that this pot is suitable for flowers, herbs vegetables, tropical foliage, succulents, African Violets, and even seed starting.

Using this pot is a modern way to care for plants easily. The pot creates a balance of root zone water and oxygen. Because the pot provides breathing room and roots to sprawl, the African Violet plant will grow and thrive. The pot can control the overwatering and under watering of the plant.

If you buy this pot, it comes with 1 quart of fiber soil to start planting right away. It contains very minimal nutrients, so you will need fertilizer to keep your African Violet plant growing.

The colors surely complement the home decor, apartment, or condo. It is so easy to grow plants with this pot.

5. Vencer – Self Watering Hanging Planter Flower Pot – Plants, Herbs, African Violets, Succulents, Flowers Or Start Plants

Best Pot For African Violet

You do not have to worry about watering your African Violet for a few days because of its self-watering feature. If the pot gets excess water, the rest will be stored at the bottom of the pot.

This pot is the perfect fit for home decor or office decor, hanging them on the wall. With its vibrant color, it is also a good gift for any special person you know.

This pot product comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee refund or replacement, no questions asked. Dimensions: 5.1 inches diameter X 5.5 inches tall.

6. DElf – 6.7″ Self Watering Pot Planter Wicking Pots for Indoor Golden Devil’s Ivy, African Violet, Ocean Spider Plant, Orchid, White Color

Best Pot For African Violet

You can choose this pot for planting African Violet because of its self-watering feature that stores water and feeds your plant for few days so you don’t have to water your plant frequently. You can just leave your home or office for a few days without even worrying about your African Violet not being taken care of. It can still thrive and healthy.

It has a design feature that keeps insects away from your pot and prevents them from getting inside. This is a unique design. There is a space breathing room at the bottom for the root to breathe.

This post is made of premium quality high BPA-free green plastic material. Because it is made of plastic, makes it durable and lightweight to move around. It is very safe for your plants including golden devil’s ivy, African Violets, ocean spider plants, and orchids. The pot is easy to hang with any kind of ropes.

A beautiful beautiful shape, design, and color make it very suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor locations. It is fashionable and will spark your decor. Dimension: 6.7 inches in diameter.

Repotting African Violet plants

Potting up

Usually, gardeners used methods of potting up that called mold potting. It is effortless and will minimizes any possible shock caused by re-potting.

It means that you re-pot your African Violet to a bigger pot than the current cup.

The first step to take is to choose a good pot and good potting soil. Take the new pot and pour the potting soil at the bottom.

If your current pot is 2 inches in height, and your new container is 4 inches in height, then the difference in height is 2 inches. Put 2 inches of potting soil at the bottom of your unique pot.

You have to remember that to re-pot your plant, and you have to re-pot with fresh soil. This practice is critical.

Re-pot two times in one year or even more. Re-pot when your plant has outgrown its pot.

You will notice this because the roots will be growing out of the root ball.

Potting down

Potting down is needed when an African Violet is too small for its pot. When potting down, you repot the African Violet plant to the next smallest pot size available.

Potting down should be done when the soil remains wet or soggy. The soil can still be wet, even though the pot provides proper drainage.

After eliminating excess soil from around the roots, shape the soil and roots until you can squeeze them into smaller new pots.

Potting down a neck

This procedure is not the same as potting down. Do not use a smaller pot, and use the same pot.

The best time to use potting down a neck is when the neck of an African Violet becomes stretched. This can happen when an African Violet plant has a nutrient imbalance or has diseases.

The neck is the bottom leaves of an African Violet plant. As these leaves die off, the main stem becomes exposed until it is stretched. To more than 1/2 inch long.

The only way to correct this is to pot down the neck. This procedure is simple and rather safe to do. The first step is to remove the African Violet and its root ball from the current pot.

In the second step, you must cut away a section of the root ball equal to the length of the neck. The third step put back the African Violet to its pot.

You have to put them properly. You can see the proper position if the bottom leaves of the plant are resting on the rim. Add fresh potting soil up to the top of the neck.

Press down the potting soil firmly. The last step is to give your African Violet water and let any excess drain.

How to repot African Violet plant?

After you have pulled out the plant from the current pot, set the plant aside and put the current pot into the new one. Make sure the position of the current pot is centered.

Put potting soil around the current pot until the soil is the same level as the height of where the root ball will be. The potting soil should be packed tight enough so that it still in place after you remove the current pot.

When it is done, put the plant and its root ball into the hole you just created. Put your African Violet plant and its new pot into a saucer of water. Allow it to absorb water as needed and let the excess water drain away.

How to determine the right size of the pot?

The correct pot size for your African Violet can be determined in two ways. The first way (as described above), if you are potting up, choose the next largest pot size available.

Pots for African Violets sizes are one inch apart in increment. If you have a plant that is currently in a 2-inch pot, repot the plant in a 3-inch pot.

The second way, measure the diameter of the outer edge of the plant. The diameter of the outer edge of the leaves will be about three times the diameter of the pot.

If the diameter of your African Violet’s leaves measures 12 inches (ca. 30 centimeters), they should be planted in a 4-inch pot.

Frequently ask question

Why the self-watering pots do not work when the African Violets being repotted?

The possible cause is mineral (lime) clogging the pores. The solution to this problem is by soaking the pot in a vinegar solution for at least three days to dissolve the mineral.

After finish, soak the pot in distilled water for at least three days to remove the acidity. Try laying a dry sheet of paper towel inside the empty pots. The paper should be moist in a matter of hours, and it means the pores have been unclogged.

Why the leaves get droopy when planted in a self-watering pot?

During the first 2 to 7 days of transplantation, the African Violet usually leaves do not droop. If it does, the leaves will recover after a couple of days.

If you notice droopy leaves after the African Violet was transplanted more than a week ago, it might be the sign of a faulty pot. Sometimes self-watering containers do not function properly.

If the soil is dry, the cup may not let enough water seep into the ground. If the soil is wet, then the pot is making too much water. Droopy leaves could be a sign that the roots are beginning to rot.

You have to switch to a new bowl immediately. Another problem is, the salt builds up may occur in the soil. That is why you must re-pot every year to get rid of the spices.

Is plastic pot better than clay pot for African Violet?

The plastic pot is better than a clay pot because of many factors. The first, constant watering methods work best with plastic containers.

While clay pots allow too much evaporation. This will cover the soil with mineral deposits very quickly. Second, plastic pots are available everywhere you look. They come in smaller sizes and squatty sizes.

The African Violet plant bloom best in containers that are about one-third the diameter of the leaves. Its roots do not extend much beyond two or three inches below the surface of the soil.

Third, plastic pots are cheaper, easier to clean than clay pots. Fourth, the only problem with plastic pots is the sharp rim that cuts leaves on the side. Find a plastic container with rolled edges.

What to look for in a ceramic pot?

Find a ceramic pot that has a hole in the bottom. This will not allow the water in the outside container to actually touch the bottom of the inside pan. This can cause root rot.

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