5 Best Cordless Weed Eater 2021 Reviews

Best cordless weed eater. For your practices of killing scrub or patches of weeds or to keep the edges of your lawn smart and crisp, you should rely on a weed eater or string trimmer. They are valuable tools.

A weed eater is a lawn care tool, which is essential to maintain your garden or area properly with the best tools. In the market today, there are traditional battery-powered trimmers. Battery-powered versions have many advantages compared to other trimmer tools.

We are trying to provide accurate information to battery-powerd weed eater users about the dos and don’ts to the lawn tools. You must choose the best cordless weed eliminator for getting rid of unwanted weeds.

In this article, we have carefully research information about battery-powered weed eater. We have come up with this buying guide for weed eater users looking for the top tool for lawn care. Check out our best cordless weed eater comparison and review, so you can make the purchasing decision faster.

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Our Quick Overview

  1. Best Lightweight Cordless Weed Eater: HART 40-Volt String Trimmer Combo
  2. Best Budget Battery-Powered Weed Eater: Greenworks G-MAX 40V
  3. Best Overall Cordless Weed Eater: Black+Decker (LST136)
  4. Best for Comfort: GreenWorks Pro ST80L210
  5. Best for Light Trimming Job: Toro PowerPlex 51482

Our Top Picks

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Product Weight Ease of use Quality Best For
HART 40-Volt String Trimmer Combo 6.7 pounds 4.5 4.9 Best Lightweight
Greenworks G-MAX 40V Weed Eater String Trimmer 8 pounds 4.4 4.3 Best Budget
Black+Decker (LST136) 40V Max String Trimmer 6.4 pounds 4.8 4.5 Best Overall
GreenWorks Pro ST80L210 80V 16-Inch Cordless String Trimmer 9.8 pounds 4.4 4.4 Best for Comfort
Toro PowerPlex 51482 Brushless 40V 14″ String Trimmer Weed Eater 8.4 pounds 4.6 4.8 Best for Light Trimming Job

What are the benefits of using weed eater?

Regardless of your choice, you can get several benefits from having a weed eater. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Lawnmower

You could utilize a lawnmower for trimming patches of weeds and mowing off grasses. Unfortunately, a lawnmower can not provide the convenience that a weed eater can. While practicing the edging, mowing, or trimming of the lawn, using a weed eater is practically very simple. To operate effectively, you do not need special skills.

2. Easy to start

Whether if it’s a electric-powered, or battery-powered, you can start the machine immediately with ease. If you purchase the battery-powered type, you get the battery into the unit and turn it on. With an electric-powered, plug it into a nearby power outlet and turn it on. While with a gas-powered weed eater, buy gas and fill out the tank.

3. Lightweight

A weed eater is lightweight compared to other grass-cutting tools or weed trimming tools. Many models are so light that elderly people and older children can use these tools in the garden without any hassle.

4. Smooth operation

A weed eater will not have a negative impact on your surroundings. The battery-powered or electric-powered tools will not disturb your neighbor because they tend to produce less noise. They are the perfect choice for you who want to practice on your lawns without having a negative impact in a residential area. There is also an environment-friendly weed eater that will not emit fumes.

5. Fast trimming

Using a weed eater will let you practice your trimming task faster. They are easy to use and lightweight. This feature will enable you to finish any gardening task easily and quickly. With the tool, you can save as much energy and much time as possible.

6. Easy to maintain

Weed eaters are practically easy to maintain. You will not need repairs, and it has something to do with the small number of parts they have. They are more economical than any gardening tools in the market. Electric-powered and battery-powered weed eater tools only take the least amount of maintenance.

Why choose battery-powered weed eater?

We will look at the advantages of battery-powered weed eater tools compared to electric-powered weed eaters.

For many years, weed eater tools were mostly powered by gas. Fortunately, in recent years, electric-powered and battery-powered weed eaters have improved a lot and can compete with gas-powered weed eater.

Now, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each model to consider why you would want to purchase a battery-powered weed eater.

1. Gas-powered weed eater

  • Most powerful weed eater
  • Noisy
  • Heavier than other weed eater
  • More expensive
  • Produce pollution
  • Not suitable for home use

2. Corded weed eater

  • Pollution-free
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manage
  • Only operate within reach of a power outlet

3. Battery powered weed eater

  • Pollution-free
  • Quiet operation
  • Can go without limitation
  • The battery only lasts between 15 to 30 minutes

What to consider when purchasing a weed eater?

Best Lightweight Battery-Powered String Trimmer

HART String Trimmer Lithium-Ion Battery (Combo)

Buy At Amazon

Average ratings: 9.1

  • Ease of use: 9.0
  • Lightweight: 9.5
  • Power: 9.0

Our tips

  • Combo. If you are looking to kill weeds, this Hart weed eater is an excellent combination. You can use the blower to get rid of excess debris or dirt or fallen leaves.
  • Cutting With. This weed eater features an auto-feed head for easy use. It has an adjustable 10-inches to 12-inches cutting swath.
  • Features. After finishing the weed elimination you can take the advantage of the lightweight blower that delivers up to 190 MPH. These tools have a variable speed trigger for ultimate control. All a part of the 40 Volt System including 4.0Ah Battery, Charger, and .080-inch Line and Spool.

Features that we like

  • Comes with a battery and charger
  • Assist Handle
  • 12-inches String Trimmer or Edger
  • An adjustable 10-inches to 12-inches cutting swath
  • Auto-Feed head

Why we like it

  • You can easily handle any yard work with this 12” String Trimmer
  • With its variable speed trigger, you can control any speed you want when trimming for a better result
  • Weighing 6.7 pounds, you can maneuver and finish any job without feeling fatigued
  • You can use the weed eater for 2.5 hours on a single charge

Why we do not like it

  • No issue so far
GTIN or UPC 810022392812
Battery 40 Volt Lithium-Ion
Cutting Swath Adjustable 10-12-inches
Line Size .080-inch
Weight 6.7-pounds
Warranty 5-year

Best Budget Battery-Powered Weed Eater

Greenworks G-MAX 40 Volt Weed Eater Cordless String Trimmer – Blower Combo

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Average ratings: 8.8

  • Ease of use: 9.0
  • Lightweight: 8.5
  • Power: 9.0

Our tips

  • Motor. This Greenworks G-Max 12-inches battery-powered weed eater features a front mount motor for maximum balance. Its cut path is .065 line diameter auto-feed head for line advancement with ease for walk-behind edging.
  • Features. The battery-powered tool is a combo package that includes 24v Axial Blower that has a variable speed trigger, 100 MPH, and 300 CFM. The 4ah battery charges fast within 90 minutes.

Features that we like

  • Up to 45 minutes of run time with fully charged 2.0AH Battery
  • 40 Volt 2AH lithium-ion batteries
  • Easy to use
  • The blower delivers 110 MPH and 390 CFM
  • Battery and charger included

Why we like it

  • Great for small edging job
  • Quiet operation
  • Suitable for small lawn
  • Affordable price

Why we do not like it

  • No issue so far
GTIN or UPC 841821016333
Battery 40 Volt 2AH Li-ion battery and charger included
Cutting Swath 12-inch
Line Size .065-inch
Weight 8-pounds
Warranty 4-year

How to use this string trimmer: You need to hold the string trimmer with your left hand on the auxiliary handle and your right hand on the rear handle. Make sure that both of your hands firmly grip each handle during the trimming. Now, hold the safety lock button and squeeze the switch trigger to start the tool. Cut weeds from the top and finish at the down. This is the proper way of cutting to avoid weeds from wrapping around components such as the shaft housing and string head.

Best Overall Cordless String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LST140C 40V MAX* Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Cordless Weed Eater
Buy At Home Depot
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Average ratings: 9.0

  • Ease of use: 9.0
  • Lightweight: 9.0
  • Power: 9.0

Our tips

  • This battery-powered weed eater is a lightweight from reliable and established brand Black+Decker. It has double edger and trimmer modes suited for the maintenance of your garden or lawn or yard.
  • Battery. It is operated using a powerful 40 volt battery. With such power, it can finish the job with more robust weed you might require to trim down with enough run time. The power and the life of the battery of this innovative Black+Decker model can be adjusted using the Powercommand. This feature can provide longer battery life and more power as needed. With its Max Power settings, you can deal with overgrown weeds or tough weeds, or thicker brush. You can start cutting through everything in your path.
  • Features. For the smaller yard, this feature will help speed up the job. For larger areas of thinner weeds to clear, switch over to Max Runtime for extra cutting time to end the job. For the smaller yard, this feature will help speed up the job. For larger areas of thinner weeds to clear, switch over to Max Runtime for extra cutting time to end the job. Using the Max Runtime setting, you can trim a mile of lawn border or weeds.
  • Lightweight. This battery-powered product is well-balanced, easy to use, and lightweight. The product’s weight is less than eight lbs. With the evenly distributed weight, anybody can use it for more extended periods without fatigue. This product has a 13-inches cutting width to cut through weeds, and a clean-cut can be achievable in one run. You can convert from trimmer mode to edger mode, for a carefully manicured and professional appearance. This tool is a reliable, high-quality, and reasonably-priced weed eater for yard maintenance. This would be our top choice and the best overall weed eater..

Features that we like

  • Easy to switch from trimmer to edger
  • 40 volt of battery power
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and well-balanced

Why we like it

  • It is suitable for older people
  • Has enough power to cut almost anything in its way
  • Has short shafts
  • Quality of brand
  • Very easy of use even for a beginner

Why we do not like it

  • None
GTIN or UPC 885911487573
Battery 40 Volt 2AH Li-ion battery and charger included
Cutting Width 13-inch
Line Size .065-inch
Weight 6.4-pounds
Speed 6500-8500 rpm
Warranty 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee;
3 Year;
2-Year Limited Battery

How to operate BLACK+DECKER LST140C string trimmer: Squeeze the trigger switch. Slowly swing the trimmer side-to-side with the right angle (5° to 10° angle). You can avoid hard surfaces by using the edge guide. Keep the distance of at least 25 inches between your feet and the guard.

Best for Comfort

GreenWorks Pro ST80L210 80V 16-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

Cordless Weed Eater

Average ratings: 8.8

  • Ease of use: 9.0
  • Lightweight: 8.0
  • Power: 9.5

Our tips

  • Battery. The power source is one 80-volt battery to provide up to 45 minutes of continuous use on one charge and enough run time. You can recharge the battery in about 30 minutes. The battery powered tool features an advanced digital brushless motor to provide better cutting power, higher efficiency, more torque, and a longer lifespan. You can increase the power when you are dealing with tough patches of scrub or weeds. This added power will let you slice through the toughest areas without hassle.
  • String Cutter. The string cutter is a two-line design for a faster cut and being better at tough jobs. The wide 16” cutting width will finish your garden or yard tasks in a short time as possible.
  • Low noise. It runs without producing noise. While in operation, you will feel less vibration for comfortable use. The product features a cutting motor which is front-mounted for extra comfort. The whole unit features an ergonomic design for pleasure use.

Features that we like

  • 80-volts battery power
  • Uses a digital brushless motor
  • Long battery life
  • Short charging time

Why we like it

  • Less noise
  • Less vibration
  • Can deliver powerful professional results
  • Can handle heavy-duty tasks

Why we do not like it

  • A little bit heavy
GTIN or UPC 817215167516
Battery 80-volts battery
Cutting Width 16-inch
Line Size .080-inches
Weight 9.8-pounds
Speed 6,200 RPM
Warranty 4 Year

This product is a powerful cordless string trimmer or weed eater. The manufacturer design this cordless string trimmer product to match the features of the gas-powered weed eater. All the advantages of gas-powered string trimmers will be provided.

Best for Light Trimming Job

Toro PowerPlex 51482 Brushless 14″ String Trimmer Weed Eater

Average ratings:

  • Ease of use: 8.5
  • Lightweight: 8.5
  • Power: 9.0

Our tips

  • Eastablished Brand. Toro is a brand that has been trusted and well-established in the market of power tools.
  • Power Source. This tool has a power source of a brushless motor that can increase its efficiency and its power compared to brushed motors. Brushless motor outlasts other types to be used for years to come. This motor incorporates a cast iron aluminum head for durability and provides enough run time.
  • Trigger. The battery powered tool features a variable speed trigger to let the user control the power of the weed eater or trimmer—a lower setting for moderate or light trimming jobs. You can ramp it up for other conditions. A lower setting can conserve battery power for regular yard maintenance tasks. However, even with a more economical setting, it can deliver enough power to deal with tougher areas.
  • Comfortable. The Toro trimmer includes few design features for comfortable and convenient use. You can easily search for the best position to operate by the handle, which is adjustable and can slide up and down the shaft. The whole unit is well-balanced, which spread the weight evenly.
  • Storage. For convenient storage, you can fold the straight steel shaft in half. It is useful if space in your garage or shed is limited. The Toro weed eater will let you operate without the burdened weight, disturbing noise, or pollution.

Features that we like

  • Can choose between longer life of the battery or max power
  • Uses a brushless motor
  • Recharge in a shorter time
  • Cast aluminum head

Why we like it

  • Can cut through heavy brush
  • Well balance tool
  • Less noise than gas trimmer
  • Suitable for women
  • Well known brand

Why we do not like it

  • A little bit heavy
  • Need to add attachments
GTIN or UPC 818225614236
Battery 40 Volt Lithium Ion
Cutting Width 14-inch
Line Size .080-inch cutting line
Weight 8.4-pounds
Warranty 3-Year Tool, 1-Year Battery

Some verified purchasers stated that they coud not believe the power and the performance thet this weed eliminator can provide. For a great storage, the folding can offer that.

Other string trimmers

DEWALT Flexvolt Brushless String Trimmer Weed Eater

  • With this high-power battery-powered trimmer, you can get all the advantages of gas-powered weed eater models. This product can come close to matching those gas-powered trimmers. It comes supplied with a charger and battery.
  • The weight of this battery-powered product is only twelve pounds. In operation, the battery-powered product produces less noise and very easy to start. The top feature of this weed eater is the speed trigger. You can choose how much power you need for the job.
  • To save battery power, use the low setting. This low setting will cut through thinner weeds without hassle while conserving the charge. For sturdier or heavier cutting, set the trigger all the way to cut through anything. The feature makes this battery-powered product convenient and practical for all kinds of yard work.
  • Heavy cutting
  • Wide 15″ cutting path
  • Speed trigger for power and battery saver
  • Practical tool
GTIN or UPC 885911636353
Battery 60V Lithium Ion
Cutting Width 15-inch
Line Size .080-inch cutting line
Weight 12-pounds
Speed 0-5,600/0-6,600 RPM
Warranty 3-Year
Ratings 9.2

Ryobi 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Cordless weed eater
  • This battery-powered weed eater product made by Ryobi is a lightweight edger and trimmer which will be handy and practical to use for lighter work around your area.
  • The power source of this battery-powered weed eater is one 18-volt battery with the capability of taking the task basic garden maintenance tasks. It can handle jobs with precision and enough run time, such as cutting around flowerbeds or around lawn edges.
  • For manicuring your lawn or other similar jobs, it will do well. This is a 2-in-1 trimmer and edger. You can adjust the angle of the head.
  • The handle can be positioned depending on your personal preference. This model has an affordable price. It is less expensive compared to other trimmers or weed eater. You will be worry-free because it includes a three-year warranty plus a 90-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee.
  • Suitable for light work
  • Adjustable handle and head
  • Warranty (three years limited)
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable price
GTIN or UPC 630194761328
Battery 18V Lithium Ion
Cutting Width 10-inch
Line Size .065-inch cutting line
Weight 4-pounds
Warranty 3-Year
Ratings 9.4

WORX WG175 32-volt Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger with Wheel Set

Buy at Amazon
  • The Worx brand can provide the best value and maximum use from this weed eater. It is equipped with a dual edger and dual trimmers.
  • You can convert this battery-powered product into a mini mower with wheels, providing maximum flexibility and functionality. It is not designed for weed clearing or heavy-duty cutting but more likely for regular yard maintenance.
  • The battery-powered product operates with a 32-volt battery, which provides plenty of power and runs time for moderate or light jobs. Every time you charge the battery, you can work for up to about 35 minutes. You can work in fewer minutes when you work with tougher work.
  • When one battery is not enough, this trimmer is supplied with two batteries, for twice as long of work. The second battery will come in handy since the batteries take over three hours to fully charge.
  • If you work on a very small lawn, this product will be much more economical and practical than purchasing a larger and more expensive full lawnmower. It is so easy to switch between the different modes. Its handle is simple and easy to adjust. You can set it in seven different positions, for fitting the most comfortable position.
  • Its cutting head can be set up to a 90° angle. This setting means more flexibility over how you cut. It is incredibly lightweight with only 6 lbs for the whole unit. Older children and older people can operate it as well. It is the best string trimmer for beginners.
  • As a trimmer, edger, and mini lawnmower
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight
  • Two batteries included
  • Simple switch between modes
GTIN or UPC 719918393240
Battery 32V MaxLithium
Cutting Width 12-inch
Line Size 0.065-inch cutting line
Weight 6.2-pounds
Speed 7,600 RPM
Warranty 3-Year
Ratings 8.6

Henx 14in 40v Cordless String Trimmer Foldable Shaft Bump Feed

Cordless weed eater
Buy at Amazon

This Henx string trimmer can operate without noise, fuss, and fumes.

It is a 14-inch, 40-volt, bike-handle, battery-powered tool.

Its motor is brushless that runs with high-efficiency and provides enough run time.

The cutting swath, and 0.095-inch cutting line can finish the job faster and easier.

For comfortable operation, the bike handle is for delivering comfort control and optimum balance.

  • 14-inch or 350-mm cutting width
  • 1-year warranty for commercial
  • 5-year limited warranty on machine
  • Bike handle design
  • Lightweight aluminum shaft
  • High and low two speed
  • High-efficiency Brushless Motor
  • Push Button Start
  • Bump Feeding
  • Nylon dual twist line 0.095-inch or 2.4-mm in diameter
GTIN or UPC 7425308550591
Battery 40 volt
Cutting Width 14-inch
Line Size 0.095-inch
Weight 10.98-pounds
Warranty 5-Year
Ratings 8.6

Milwaukee M18 Brushless String Trimmer

Buy at Northerntool
  • This Milwaukee M18 Brushless String Trimmer can help you deliver clearing weeds with its power. The extra-large cutting swath can optimize the trimming applications and provides up to 6,200 RPM with plenty of power. The weed eater features low and high-speed settings with a variable speed trigger.
  • The low speed can optimize runtime for weed trimming. Its high speed provides the power to handle harder applications. The cutting width is 16-inches to trim more weeds in one single pass to maximize productivity.
  • It comes with Easy Load Trimmer Head for an easy line loading experience. With this application, you can load up to 25-feet of trimmer line in 30 seconds. Its battery can provide efficient power for longer run-times.
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Brushless motor delivers up to 6,200 RPM
  • Compatible with 0.080-inches and 0.095-inches trimmer line
GTIN or UPC 045242482283
Battery M18 REDLITHIUM Battery Pack
Cutting Width 14-inch
Line Size 0.080-inch and 0.095-inch
Weight 9.1-pounds
Speed 6,200 RPM
Warranty 3 year limited
Ratings 9.0

What are cutting techniques using weed eater?

1. Screeding

For weeds that grows in paths, walkways, sidewalk cracks, and driveways, it is effective and fast to do with screeding. Do this by tipping the trimmer.

Make the string tips striking weeds at an angle rather than directly and with full force off the pavement. After that, move into the weed’s base, cutting them to the surface.

If angle the trimmer too shallow, then you are eating the string and ineffectively doing the cutting. If the angle is too sharp, the string can not hit enough of the weed’s base to cut evenly.

2. Scything

When you are up against an obstruction, you can not walk along or work in tall grass—bringing the trimmer into and out of work in a shallow U motion. By overlapping the scythes, techniques will even out the cut.

3. Edging

Where surfaces are parallel between grass and walkway or driveway, you can do the edging technique. Start by turning the trimmer, so the string is in a vertical position.

After that, walk the trimmer into the cut path so that it can eject or cut any material.

There could be rocks, debris, or dirt flying around. If the yards have never been edged, do not attempt to cut a crisp edge everything at once.

4. Tapering

Along a fence, retaining wall, tree, or curb tapering technique is very effective. This tapering means that you hold the trimmer, so the string strikes the grass at a slight angle.

Without tapering, the trimmer could cut shorter than the mowed grass. When you pitch the string tips toward the weed that you are trimming against, you are cutting less grass.

This trimming will also leave a tapered edge.

How to maintain

Read the user manual

Most users do not have the intention to look at the user manual. The user manual is very important with useful information.

You will discover how to assemble, how to start using the machine, and how to maintain it so that the weed eater will function effectively.

The first thing to do when you purchase your weed eater, take a little time to read the user manual to discover the essential things that you are supposed to do to maintain them.

Inspect the trimmer

Before you begin using the trimmer, it is recommended first to inspect and check the weed eater. There are some important parts to check.

Inspect carefully for screws and parts that might loose from the vibrations. Inspect the head of the tool to make sure the shaft is free of dirt and debris from your last trimming.

Check the electric outlet and cord to make sure that everything has no flaws. Check the battery, make sure they are charged to the full before you start trimming with it.

Clean after usage

After you finish trimming, make sure that you remove and clean any debris or dirt from the machine before storing it. Inspect the weed eater again.

Before cleaning, make sure you remove the battery. Use a damp cloth and tap water to clean from debris. Make sure the machine is dry when you are about to store them.

Frequently ask question

Are weed eaters any good?

The best weed eater models, produce no emissions and run quietly. They also need less maintenance. Their batteries can practically be used for lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and chain saws.

What should I look for in weed eaters?

battery-powered string trimmers are simple and easy to start. They also operate quieter and cleaner. Battery-powered string trimmers provide more mobility compared to corded models. Lithium-ion batteries rated from forty volts to eighty volts give more power and give more runtime than lower-voltage batteries. This will provide you with the ability to handle larger jobs.

Why does my trimmer line keep breaking?

If your string line is more than four years old and often breaks, replace it with a new one. An aged string line can become prone and brittle to breaking. Ease off on the throttle to control the speed of the cutting head properly. It is ideal when cutting against those hard surfaces.

How long do trimmers last?

The battery life typically lasts between thirty and sixty minutes of continuous use. The batteries will take anywhere from thirty minutes to one hundred twenty hours to charge up.

Common problems with a weed eater and the solution


If the power of the tool is having trouble, inspect the ratio of 2-cycle oil (gas-powered weed ester). The cycle need to be 1 gallon of fuel to 3.2 ounces of oil. This rasio make sure that the engine will not seize up after many use during the summer months. If you try to start the engine up too many times, this can also flood the engine.

For a battery-powered weed eater, you need to make sure the battery is installed into the housing correctly. Make sure that the battery has a full charge. For an electric weed eater, you must double-check the plug at the wall and at the outlet. If the cord has even small damage, you need to repair this.

Trimmer line

The line is constantly breaking. Cutting thick weeds can slide the head of the grass line trimmer. A trimmer line that is older than five years old, will break more often. You need to replace the old line before the start of the season to reduce the constant repairing of the line.

The spring

After a long storage in the garage, the weed eater may need some coaxing to get back up to its performance. Clean the weed eater completely before using it.

Product Reasons Solution
The weed eater will not start The battery is not attached
No electrical contact from the battery
Battery is depleted
The trigger and the lock-off lever are not depressed at the same time
Attach the battery
Uninstall thee battery and check for any contact
Charge the battery
Press down and hold the lock-off lever, depress the trigger to switch on the string trimmer
String trimmer stops during operation The guard is not mounted on the trimmer
The heavy cutting line is used
The motor shaft is bound with grass

Remove the battery and attach the guard to the trimmer
Use nylon cutting 0.095” (2.4mm) diameter or less
Remove the battery, clean the motor shaft
Remove the trimmer head from the grass. During cutting, move the trimmer head in and out of the grass and remove a maximum of 8-inch of length in one cut
Trimmer head will not advance line The trimmer head or motor shaft is bound with grass
Not enough line on the spool
Dirty trimmer head

The line is tangled on the spool

The line is worn too short
Clean the trimmer head and motor shaft
Remove the battery and replace the cutting line
Remove the battery pack and clean the spool base, spool retainer, and spool
You need to remove the battery pack, remove the line from the spool, and rewind
Remove the battery and pull the lines while pressing down on and releasing the bump knob
Grass wraps around motor housing Cutting tall grass at ground level Cut tall grass no more than 8-inch to prevent wrapping
Line is not cutting well The dulled line-cutting blade on the edge of the guard Sharpen the line-cutting blade or replace it

Main components of weed eater

  • Battery pack
  • Switch lockout button
  • Trigger switch
  • Auxilliary assist handle
  • Connection lock
  • Edger adjustment button
  • Pivoting head adjusting button
  • Edging guide wheel
  • Single line cutting spool
  • Guard
  • Guide

Maintenance Tips


The very first thing to do is to remove the battery. Blow or brush debris or dust out of the air vents. You can use a vacuum or compressed air. Make sure to keep the air vents free of wood chips, sawdust, and obstructions. Do not immerse, wash or spray the air vents in water.

Wipe of the housing and all of the plastic components using a soft cloth with clean water. Do not use detergents or strong solvents on the plastic housing or other plastic components. Chemical cleaners may cause damage and a shock hazard.


Store the battery pack fully charged. Once you see that the charging light turns green, uninstall the battery from the charger and disconnect the charger from the power outlet. Never store the battery pack in the charger or on the weed eater. The battery can be stored in the charger, but the charger must not be plugged in.


Keep the charger clear and clean of dust and debris. Do not let foreign material to get onto the contacts. Wipe the charger a dry cloth. Never use solvents or water, and place in in wet or damp conditions. Always unplug the charger when there is no battery in it.

Fully charge the batteries before storing them. Never recharge a fully charged battery that will shorten the life of the battery. Only recharge it whenever there is less power. Never let the batteries become completely discharged. Store the charger at normal room temperature.

Do not store it in a hot area. Never place it in direct sunlight. Allow it to cool down before recharging.

Henry Kaswandi, SS, M.Kom.

I had been doing gardening for the last 18 years. I enjoy writing reviews of many products and about gardening to give better experiences and accurate information.