10 Best Compost Tumbler 2020 Best Sellers!

Best Compost Tumbler
Best Compost Tumbler

Best compost tumbler. Compost is what you will receive when the garden, lawn, and yard debris, grass clippings, other organic material, and kitchen scraps have fully broken down into a crumbly, dark, and rich material.

Numerous gardeners like to use best compost tumbler because compost adds value to the soil due to its content of rich nutrients. Composting is a natural process of chemical decomposition of dead plant material and transforms as organic matter into the soil.

With organic matter, the soil is being boosted its ability to grow better and more plants. When a grower or gardener composts, they speed up the natural process through breaking down dead plant material.

The factors that decompose these dead plant materials are moisture, oxygen, heat, and nutrient mix. Heat is created by the microbes and bacteria as they decompose the dead plant matter. The nutrient mix will be the decisive factor of how healthy and active those microbes will be.

The oxygen level will be the decisive factor in how many microbes there will be. The moisture will make every one of these things be different. All these four elements work hand in hand creating a micro-ecosystem that may optimize garden or lawn or yard.

What is the best compost tumbler?

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Best compost tumblers reviews and best sellers

1. Envirocycle Composter Small Compost Tumbler Bin and Compost Tea Maker

This Envirocycle Composter product has the most solid and good design available. The Envirocycle Composter comes in hot pink and black color. It is a small compost tumbler.

You can maximize your composting practices with this Envirocycle Composter product with a holding capacity of seventeen or thirty-five gallons. The result would be a liquid and solid compost.

The material used for this Envirocycle Composter is rust-free, food-safe, and BPA. Not only that, but you also should not be worried about the Envirocycle Composter being harm by the harsh UV rays.

The Envirocycle Composter product has a strict HOA policy. The verified purchasers mentioned a lot of good testimonials, especially about the manufacturer’s customer service.


  • A very attractive design
  • Available in hot pink and black color
  • Rust resistant
  • Harsh UV resistant
  • Very durable material
  • Strict HOA policy


  • The price

2. FCMP Outdoor HF-DBC4000 Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler Dual Body HOTFROG Tumbling Composter

If you have a limited budget to purchase a tumbler compost, the Hot Frog Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler is a suitable choice. The composter product is very easy to learn on.

To remove compost easily or to add scraps, The FCMP Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler is equipped with a larger opening compared to other models with similar versions. FCMP Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler can create compost in as fast as two weeks under the suited weather conditions or in the summer months.

This FCMP Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler product has two separate chambers. The total capacity of thirty-seven gallons. This FCMP Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler product is a great option at a reasonable price, effective, and durable.


  • Great price
  • Rather big two chambers
  • Very durable material
  • Easy to learn and easy to use


  • Harder to assemble

3. Algreen Composter Products Terra Compost Tumbler 55-Gallon

This Algreen Composter product has a dual-chamber design. The price is affordable for the great tumbler composter.

To remove the compost, you can slide the access door easily which makes adding and removing items simple. The Algreen Composter would be fast and safe compost tumbling utilizing the very durable center axel.

The total capacity of the Algreen Composter is up to fifty-six gallons of material. You do not have to worry about the rodent, because this Algreen Composter product material is a rodent-proof design. Algreen Composter helps you to keep vermin and keep rodents out.


  • Worry-free from vermin and rodent
  • Durable center axel
  • Fifty-six gallons of capacity
  • Easy to slide access door


  • The durability of the frame

4. Joraform Compost Tumbler JK 125

With the Joraform Compost Tumbler JK 125, you do not need to worry about your limited mobility or back pain because the Joraform Compost Tumbler is raised off the ground. You do not have to kneel to turn, empty, or fill the Joraform Compost Tumbler.

The Joraform Compost Tumbler is easy to use for people with bad backs and arthritis. The Joraform Compost Tumbler features a hand turning system. It is a spinning compost tumbler

To stimulate the temperature to soar above 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the Joraform Compost Tumbler is insulated for faster composting. You can plan to develop different stages of compost using two chambers.


  • A strongly built design
  • Good choice for limited mobility users and users with back pain
  • One hundred six gallons of capacity
  • Two-doors and two chambers


  • Not easy to assemble

5. Mantis Compost Tumbler Spinning

If you have a small garden or lawn or yard, you can purchase this Mantis Compost Tumbler is. The maximum capacity of this tumbler compost is 88 gallons.

The Mantis Compost Tumbler would be suitable for people with back pain because The Mantis Compost Tumbler stands 12 inches off the ground. With being off the ground, no pets or animals can get into The Mantis Compost Tumbler.

The barrel has a removable door for easy unloading and loading or filling and emptying the compost tumbler. The Mantis Compost Tumbler is much easier compared to other compost tumblers.

The breaking down process may take up to four weeks in many cases. You do not have to worry about the durability of this The Mantis Compost Tumbler product.


  • A sturdy and durable design made of steel frame and powder-coated galvanized steel
  • The full capacity of 88 gallons
  • Can prevent animals and pets to get into the compost tumbler
  • Has drainage vents
  • Can decompose dead plants in about four to six weeks under optimum condition


  • Not rust-free

6. Spin Bin Composter 60 gallon Large Capacity Outdoor Tumbling Compost Bin

There is one big factor that would make this Spin Bin Composter a very good choice to purchase. The Spin Bin Composter has been rated high on approval rating by the National Home Gardening Club.

The maximum capacity of this Spin Bin Composter is sixty gallons. The construction of the Spin Bin Composter is made from recycled plastic which makes it durable.

The Spin Bin Composter is equipped with four outer ports to check the temperature with a thermometer. Checking the temperature can be done without inserting the whole arm or hand.

The Spin Bin Composter is rather a medium size compost tumbler.


  • A sturdy and durable design made of steel frame and powder-coated galvanized steel
  • The full capacity of 88 gallons
  • Can prevent animals and pets to get into the compost tumbler
  • Has drainage vents
  • Can decompose dead plants in about four to six weeks under optimum condition


  • Not rust-free

7. Kotulas 50-Gallon Wheeled Compost Tumbler

This Kotula’s Compost Tumbler is easy to use even for a beginner. The compost tumbler is heavy-duty made from a steel tube frame. Its drum is made of a recycled plastic drum.

The maximum capacity of this Kotula’s composter is fifty gallons of dead plant materials. With its wheel, Kotula’s composter is easy to move and maneuver.

The Kotula’s composter would be beneficial when planting in the garden.


  • The capacity of fifty gallons
  • Affordable price
  • Just assemble and use immediately
  • Easy to move and maneuver with its wheel


  • None

8. Suncast Resin Tumbling Outdoor Compost Barrel

This Suncast Compost Tumber can prevent many critters like rodents, raccoons, or other animals from getting into it. The latching lid will deter those animals and keep materials safely inside.

The compost tumbler is made from double resin, which makes it extremely durable. The compost tumbler can withstand any weather conditions and works quickly with composting being completed in about one month during the summer months.

This is one of the best small compost tumbler on the market.


  • Keep out animals
  • Durable
  • Works quickly


  • Small capacity

9. FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter

The Forest City Models and Patterns are a manufacturer that is known for injection molded plastics. Their product including some of the best planters, rain barrels, and composters available on the market.

This FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter is an eight-sided, dual-chamber tumbling composter and one of the best small compost tumblers on the market.

Because it is a small compost tumbler, the FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter is ideal for beginners. The FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter makes mixing easy and quick.

The FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter offers an affordable price. All you have to do is to close the door and turn six times every three days.

You can add water to this small compost tumbler through its accessible sliding doors. You can also add waste or extract fresh compost.

The FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter has a 37-gallon capacity that is suitable for smaller yards and gardens.


  • Small compost tumbler
  • Accessible sliding doors
  • Dual compost tumbler


  • Small capacity

10. Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler 80-gallon

The Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler is a dual-chamber composter unit with a huge door panel. You can easily and quickly add materials to the Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler.

Get rid of the finished compost is crucial, and you can place a wheelbarrow or garden cart beside the Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler and dump directly into the composter.

The Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler can be locked into place so the composter does not spin. It is crucial if you have kids who want to have fun to spin your composter.

The Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler has no compost tea collector. The Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler has a huge capacity of 80 gallons or around 10.72 square feet of compost space.

The Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler is structurally solid and will be suitable for every household.


  • Dual-chamber composter
  • 80 gallons of capacity
  • Can be locked in place


  • None

Why use a compost tumbler?

There are many advantages of these compost tumbler units including:

  • A faster-composting process
  • Lesser efforts
  • Lesser mess
  • An effective way to eliminate waste from your house
  • Do not need to buy fertilizers to maintain your garden
  • Only use a small space

How to use a compost tumbler or composter?

1. Balance the carbon and nitrogen

You have to remember that compost tumbler is a closed system. It would be necessary to balance the nitrogen-rich green content with carbon-rich brown material in a proper ratio.

The ideal nitrogen-carbon ratio for making excellent compost is about 1:25 to 1:30. You will not get the desired result if you add more or less compared to the adequate ration.

A higher ratio will result in a smelly compost pile and slower composting rates.

Fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, or leftovers contains a high percentage of nitrogen. You require to balance the compost with waste rich in carbon like sawdust, straw, leaves, or shredded paper.

For getting compost the best possible way, maintain the ratio of 3:1 of brown and green wastes.

2. Chop and shred the compost material

Small pieces of waste will help the speed of the process and help the activity of the microbes. If you have the desire to have compost for two weeks or three weeks, shredding those materials into smaller pieces will let bacteria to break down and reach a larger surface area faster.

You have to remember that the brown material requires more shredding because of the longer time it is to decompose.

Use your sharp knife, chipper shredder, or food processor, or shears and chop the waste into smaller sizes. The size should be no bigger than one to two inches or two to five cm. This will help bacteria to end their work without hustle.

3. Activate the first batch with a compost activator

For first time use of compost tumbler, you need to add some compost activator. The waste from your garden or yard or kitchen is full of fungi and bacteria. But it would be best if you aided the bacteria and fungi work from the very beginning.

Add healthy soil, cow manure, horse manure, or old compost to boost the process. You can also buy a compost activator instead of those materials.

For the first few batches, you have to add a booster. After those first batches, do not clean the compost tumbler, and use the bits of old material as an activator of your next batch.

There are a lot of cons and pros of additives. These additives are to speed up the process of composing if you are in a hurry.

4. Make a batch of compost

Compost tumblers come in small units, and it would be beneficial to plan a batch of ingredients in advance. Add those ingredients until reaching the limit capacity.

Mix all the material for a while. Do not open your compost tumbler halfway to add more material once it starts the process.

Do not overload the composter, or you can not mix them properly. Remember that converting material to compost tumbler will begin after new material is in a pile.

You would expect to get mature compost between two to three weeks.

Consider purchasing a dual compartment compost tumbler. So, there is a place for one compost material, and one for adding new ingredients.

5. Turn the compost tumbler regularly

Adding additives and compost material is not the only thing you need to do. Spin them from time to time or regular

Remember to rotate the compost material regularly to provide support to the process of aeration. It would be easy to turn them regularly because these units often have handles.

Its model will determine the time it takes to rotate. Do the spinning daily and repeat spinning as many times as it is specified.

At first, it is not necessarily turning them too often. Avoid spinning during week one to prevent disrupting the healing process. Then, start with a regular spinning, especially when the temperature outside is low.

6. Inspect the smell regularly

Inspect the contents regularly to discover any differences in smell on time. If you find out a foul odor, this means the compost ratio function is disrupted.

If the smell resembles ammonia, add more brown waste into the compost tumbler.

You should add compost if the appearance of the smell of grass is powerful. It is a sign that the compost is not aerated correctly. Once you add compost, you rapidly decrease the odor.

7. Maintain the temperature inside

It is very crucial to maintain the temperature inside the compost tumbler. If the temperature is higher, it will increase breaking down the compost material

A higher temperature will let the killing of unwanted pathogens and all weed seeds. Remember that the lowest temperature should be 140 F (60 C).

Use a thermometer to make sure the temperature is in the proper condition. You have to check the temperature regularly. If the compost cools too much, add manure to increase the level of nitrogen fast. Give more heat in a short period.

8. Maintain a steady moisture level inside

Maintaining a steady moisture level inside the compost tumbler is very important for the compost material. The moisture level should be kept at about fifty to sixty percent.

In a dry climate region, you are required to purchase a compost tumbler that can maintain the material wet efficiently. In a coastal area, you are required to buy a compost tumbler that can keep the compost, not getting soggy.

Maintain an excellent ratio of added material. Do not make too wet ingredients that can turn into stink and rot compost.

If the ingredients are too dry, it will stop breaking down the compost material the way it is supposed to be. Other than that, the process will last much longer.

If the pile is too wet, you should add dry sawdust, shredded paper, or wood stove pellets. These will absorb excess moisture and let the compost material mature the right way.

If the compost material is too dry, just add a cup of water and turn them after that using the handle.

9. Check the color and consistency

Make sure that you always be aware that the consistency and the color of the composting material will not depend on the color of the compost or the materials you use.

The color could be brown or green, and it will depend on the level of nitrogen and carbon. The compost material will become brown color with an increased level of carbon.

If there is too much nitrogen, ut will cause a green color of the content. When the process of composting is in the end, the material becomes dark brown.

Compost tumbler designs

By size, compost tumbler has small compost tumbler models and large compost tumbler models. The most common tumbler size is a medium to the large compost tumbler models.

The large compost tumbler is about 80 gallons. The small compost tumbler can be around 30 gallons.

There is a common style of compost tumbler which is a horizontally-mounted barrel design. Some compost tumbler model are are round.

There are also various multiple sides models. Many models have indented or molded handholds for turning the compost. Only a few models have special handles.

Some composter models rest on a customized base and other models are mounted on a center post. These commonly have an access hatch on one or two or more sides.

There is also the vertical barrel design. The composter has a barrel-shaped mounted on a stand vertically with a post running through the composter’s sides.

It is equipped with the hatches at the ends of the barrel. This vertical barrel design can break up the compost quickly as it tumbles end-over-end from a greater height.

There are single-chambered and dual-chambered composters or tumblers. A single-chambered tumbler is usually a large compost tumbler with large interior space.

You can stop adding materials to the composter until the content breaks down. A dual-chambered tumbler has one chamber and one for breaking down your waste.

This way you never have to stop adding material. The internal chambers are smaller.

Frequently ask question

How long does it take to compost in a tumbler?

This will depend on the brand and the material used by the compost tumbler. It can take about two weeks or even more.

How often should I turn my compost tumbler?

You can turn a compost tumbler every three to four days. Turn the compost pile every three to seven days. This can only apply at first. As the compost matures, turn the pile or tumbler less frequently.

What will make compost break down faster?

For fast compost, shred or chop the carbon-rich ingredients like fallen leaves, hay, straw, paper and cardboard into small size. This shredding practice will increase the surface area that the compost microbes have to work on. Small size ingredients provide an evener distribution of moisture and air among the materials.

What will happen if you left the compost too long?

If this compost material is stored or bagged in a dry place, it will retain in good condition indefinitely. If you place them outside and exposed to air or rain, the compost material will gradually lose some of the volume.

However, you can still use them with a good results.

Henry Kaswandi, SS, M.Kom.

I had been doing gardening for the last 18 years. I enjoy writing reviews of many products and about gardening to give better experiences and accurate information.