9 Best Bed Swing For Porch 2021 Reviews

Bed Swing For Porch. Are you not enjoying a breezy summer nap on a bed swing for the porch or in a backyard hammock. If you can re-create the feeling in your day bed swing, it is time to purchase a bed swing.

Despite its happy image, the hanging bed swing needs adequate support in the ceiling. A hanging bed swing can weigh more than one hundred pounds.

The support system needs to accommodate your weight lying on the day bed swing, as well as the swing movement created from their action. So, you must consult a contractor or an architect to inspect and analyze the existing conditions.

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What is a bed swing?

Porch swings are seats used by adults that are painted wood and swinging. The size of a porch swing is about 32-inches deep and has a hard bottom in it because it does not have cushions.

A bed swing has the same design and fixture as a porch swing. The big difference is that the bed swing can accommodate a standard twin bed mattress. A twin mattress is the smallest bed with measurements of 38-inches wide and 75-inches long. When the bed swing move, it occupies a space of 5 feet by 8 feet.

Benefits of bed swing for porch

1. Home Improvement

A bed swing for the porch can benefit your home as an easy home improvement project to create. Hanging a porch bed swing is an easy task. Your home capitalizes on this wonderful home design aesthetic.

2. More Time With Others

You can get the great value of spending more time with the special people in your life. A porch bed swing will give you additional space for intimacy and the enjoyment of the company. It works like a couch or a loveseat where it becomes a place that welcomes the familiarity of attention.

3. Provide Relaxation

You can not argue with the fact that the gentle motion of a swing can relax you. When it moves, it is like the rhythmic swells of a moving tide. A porch bed swing or a bed swing for the porch can help to get into a state of concentration and relaxation.

The smooth motion helps you to clear your mind where your mental health and state of well-being improves. A bed swing for indoor or outdoor is an excellent way to provide that benefit for yourself. When you experience a deep state of relaxation, your tension and stress levels decline!

4. Improve Mental Focus

The gentle rocking motion of a swing bed or porch bed swing can synchronize with your brain waves to improve sleep. By improving sleep, it helps improve mental focus. If you do this repetitively, the smooth motion can help with impulse control and improve focus.

5. Reduce Stress

Being outside swinging on a porch bed swing can help lower your cortisol. This stress hormone can be reduced even if you are just 5 minutes being on the porch bed swing. Reducing cortisol levels can provide the production of belly fat. Just being outside on the bed swing can be similar as exercise!

6. Improve Learning

You can try reading on the bed swing for the porch. You will learn better because of the improved retention, and even improved behavior. Reading and learning outdoor on the porch bed swing will experience with nature.

Factors to consider when purchasing a bed swing for porch

Porch bed swing comparison chart

Product Material Weight Rating
Belham Living
Cari Bay Bed Swing
Eucalyptus Wood 62-pounds 4.5
Belham Living Modern Cottonwood Eucalyptus Wood 62-pounds 4.3
Aspen Tree Swinging Daybed Eucalyptus Wood 60-pounds 4.3
Leisure Season Patio
Swing Bed
Solid hardwood 159-pounds 4.2
Direct Wicker Heminger Taupe Foam; Steel; 150-pounds 4.2
Rosecliff Heights Marisela Day Solid wood 128-pounds 4.2
Sunjoy 3-Seat Striped Steel 79.4-pounds 4.2
Mainstay Hanging Bed Swing Steel 4.1
Camrose Farmhouse Wicker Porch Hanging Bed Swing Sturdy steel metal frame
Durable wicker material
59.92-pounds 4.1

Top 9 best hanging bed swing for porch reviews

1. Belham Living Cari Bay Deep Seating Hanging Bed Swing For Porch Bed

Bed Swing For Porch
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The Belham Living Brighton Deep Seating Hanging Bed Swing For Porch with Cushion is a very relaxing bed swing addition to your front porch. This hanging bed swing is made from eucalyptus wood which is resistant to rot and decay.

  • Comfortable. You will very comfortable with the upholstered cushions, along with the classic slat design. You and your guest can enjoy taking a seat and settle in.
  • Relaxation. To install this swing bed, you must call a professional installer because each corner of this swing bed has to be connected to a strong overhead point for stability while hanging. The deep-seated design can add extra comfort and leaves enough room for relaxation. You can choose the right location to hang the swing bed. Hang the swing bed on the patio or porch for an outdoor retreat.
  • Extra Stability. It comes with a four-foot sturdy hanging chain. The four-point hanging for extra stability.
  • Made from eucalyptus wood which is resistant to rot and decay
  • Very comfortable with the upholstered cushions
  • Four-foot sturdy hanging chain
  • Deep-seated design for extra space
Product Type
Brand Belham Living
Material Eucalyptus Wood
Dimension 65-inches x 30-inches x 21-inches
Weight 62-pounds
What’s Included Upholstered cushion
2 bolsters
4-foot hanging chain
4-point hanging for extra stability

2. Belham Living Modern Cottonwood Deep Seating Hanging Bed Swing For Porch with Cushion

Modern Cottonwood Deep Seating Hanging Bed Swing For Porch with Cushion
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  • Eucalyptus wood. This Modern hanging bed swing product is made of reliable and robust eucalyptus wood. The wood resists the influence of moisture because of the high oil content it contains. These features make the wood reliable.
  • Chain. To hang the hanging bed swing, a forty-eight-inch chain is available for hanging.
  • Design. The design features a gray cushion and a driftwood finish with white piping. Its crossing back pattern will look great in line with your porch. Its seat is five-feet long and needs some minor assembly. Relax and sit out there early in the morning and watch the sun come up.
  • 300D stock-dyed polyester
  • Easy to assemble
  • Forty-eight-inch hanging chain
  • Comfortable gray cushion
  • Made from eucalyptus wood
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Touch fastener closure
  • Breathable mesh vent
  • Elastic hem
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Repels moisture
Product Type
Brand Belham Living
Material Eucalyptus Wood
Dimension 64-inches x 28-inches x 21-inches
Weight 62-pounds
What’s Included 3-year warranty
Forty-eight-inch hanging chain

3. Aspen Tree Swinging Daybed Cedar Hanging Bed Swing for Porch Pergola

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  • Resistant. You can turn it into gifts for loved ones such as new homeowners, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays present, retirement present, and wedding gifts. The construction is created with western red cedar that is insect-resistant, weather-resistant, and decay-resistant.
  • Relaxing. When it’s time for reading, cuddling up, or swinging, with loved ones, this would be a suited choice. The day bed swing for the porch can easily hold three adults without worrying about an issue with the structure of the wood or construction. The hanging bed swing arrives in four pieces, which are easy to assemble.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather-resistant, decay-resistant, and insect-resistant
  • Reliable western red cedar construction
  • Made from eucalyptus wood which resists moisture
Product Type
Brand Aspen Tree Interiors
Material Eucalyptus Wood
Dimension 88-inches x 44-inches x 17-inches
Weight 62-pounds
What’s Included Hanging chain

4. Leisure Season Patio Swing Bed with Canopy

Leisure Season Patio Swing Bed with Canopy
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  • Adjustable Height. You can place this bed swing on the porch or terrace or the garden to make you feel relaxed during the weekend. It comes with a canopy with adjustable height according to your preference.
  • Cushions. The bed swing comes with 2-bed cushions and can hold up to two people at the same time. Enjoy the full of swing, after a busy day to allow you to relax all day, through the night. You will feel comfortable, and warm while having an uninterrupted time.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • UV-protected
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Optional fabric roof cover
  • Frame crafted of larch hardwood
Product Type
Brand Leisure Season
Material Solid Hardwood
Dimension 125.98-inches x 62.99-inches x 68.9-inches
Weight 159-pounds
What’s Included Canopy
2 Cushions

5. Direct Wicker Heminger Taupe Steel Double Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge Swing Bed Sunbed with Canopy

You can move this lovely sunbed on the porch. It can also become the focal point of your garden sanctuary. It could provide you to have lazy summer days and long summer nights.

  • The Base. The base is made of attractive and stylish polyester rattan wicker. It comes with cushions covered with waterproof fabric upholstery.
  • The Frame. The frame is aluminum to create 2 dual adjustable sunbeds and mounted on wood feet. Therese is white canopy curtain tie-backs to provide privacy or shade on sunny days.
  • Fade-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Removable slipcover
  • UV protected
  • Adjustable bed
  • Curtain
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Weather Resistant
Product Type
Brand Direct Wicker
Material Foam; Steel;
Dimension 84-inches x 74-inches x 81.5-inches
Weight 150-pounds
What’s Included Canopy

6. Rosecliff Heights Marisela Day Bed Porch Swing

Rosecliff Heights Marisela Day Bed Porch Swing
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  • Enjoy Relaxing. You can enjoy relaxing on this beautiful porch bed swing that is suitable for covering porches or indoor. You can improve your learning experience by reading a book on this bed swing.
  • Have a Conversation. Ask your family or friends to sit on the bed swing to have a constructive conversation in the evening while enjoying a cup of tea. You can also sleep on a comfortable cushion (not included).
  • Capacity. It can hold up to 2 people at once with the capacity of 400-pounds.
  • Material. The material is made of solid wood and with chain included.
  • Solid wood
  • Beautiful design
  • Chain included
Product Type
Brand Rosecliff Heights
Material Solid Wood
Dimension 25.5-inches x 88-inches x 42.5-inches
Weight 128-pounds
What’s Included Chain

7. Sunjoy 3-Seat Striped Adjustable Tilt Canopy Wicker Metal Bed Swing

Sunjoy 3-Seat Striped Adjustable Tilt Canopy Wicker Metal Bed Swing
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This Sunjoy hanging bed swing for the porch is a three-seated bed swing for the porch is constructed with a steel frame equipped with seat cushions and an adjustable canopy. It will give you a comfortable swing.

  • Relax. You can have all the time you want while enjoying the delightful time in your garden or outdoor space or patio relaxing on this standalone swing. You can invite two more people to enjoy the swing while having a conversation.
  • Material. If you place it in the right spot, it will add extra seating and sophistication to your outdoor living area. The appearance of the day bed swing seat is a woven rattan. You do not have to purchase a pillow because it comes with two decorative pillows. Enjoy an afternoon relaxation under a fabric canopy to offer shade on sunny days.
  • Moveable. You can move and adjust the canopy for the perfect setup. No need to worry about the bed swing for the porch being outdoor because it is durable, easy to clean maintain, and weather-resistant. The relaxation will be completed with this lovely addition to your garden or porch. The design will compliment your décor.

You can have all the time you want while enjoying the delightful time in your garden or outdoor space or patio relaxing on this standalone swing. You can invite two more people to enjoy the swing while having a conversation.

  • Durable steel frame with a rugged, powder-coated finish is corrosion and chip-resistant
  • Adjustable and movable canopy
  • Woven rattan look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather-resistant
Product Type
Brand Sunjoy
Material Steel
Dimension 80.7-inches x 65-inches x 67.7-inches
Weight 79.4-pounds
What’s Included Adjustable canopy
Seat cushions

8. Mainstay Powder-Coated Steel Frame 3-Person Canopy Porch Hanging Bed Swing

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  • Stylish. This Mainstay hanging bed swing for the porch has a very stylish and elegant look. The seat’s frame is constructed from powder-coated steel. You can enjoy your afternoon relaxation alone or you can invite 2 other people to join you. The back seat can lay back for more space to sit or lay down.
  • Sturdy. It is a sturdy and comfortable hanging bed swing. If you place the hanging bed swing outdoor and it rains, it will dry out quickly when the rain stops.
  • Capacity. It can hold three people with a maximum capacity of 700 lbs.
  • Durable steel frame
  • Powder-coated finish that is corrosion and chip-resistant
  • Dries quickly after the rain
  • The back seat can lay back
  • UV-rated canopy
Product Type
Brand Mainstay
Material Steel
Dimension 52.75-inches x 82.75-inches x 66.33-inches
What’s Included UV-rated canopy
Seat cushions

9. Camrose Farmhouse Wicker Porch Hanging Bed Swing

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This Camrose hanging bed swing for the porch is the most comfortable swing to use and easy to put together. The color matches almost any brown wicker you have.

  • Capacity. It is a two-person swing with a maximum weight of 500 lbs. The hanging bed swing is about four and a half feet wide. It is well constructed, has a lovely color, with excellent design.
  • Comfortable. Very comfortable with a thick cushion. You can enjoy two people’s conversation while having a drink of tea in the afternoon.
  • Maximum 500 lbs
  • Lovely color
  • Well constructed
  • Excellent design
Product Type
Brand Camrose
Material 7mm half-moon cashmere
6mm round cashmere
Olefin cushion fabric
Sturdy steel metal frame
Durable wicker material
Dimension 54.33-inches x 30.70-inches x 9.05-inches
Weight 59.92-pounds
What’s Included Seat cushions are with zippe

The difference between porch swings and hanging bed swing

If you are about to decide what to use between porch swing or hanging bed swing to accent your front porch, there are some essential differences to discover.

The decision could be determined by what you plan to use the swing for in the first place, and how you see yourself using it regularly. These are differences between hanging bed swings and porch swings so that you can make a decision full of information.

What is bed swing?

When you think of hanging bed swings, it is about luxury. A hanging bed swing needs more space on the porch so it can be installed. The size is more prominent than a standard porch swing.

A hanging bed swing is designed for comfort and social features. Most are created so it could fit a regular-sized twin mattress so that you can install it as an actual bed, or you can share the space with friends or family.

They give more of a gentle sway, which can offer relaxation if you are trying to lay down for drinking tea or an afternoon nap. Hanging bed swing is versatile, where there are different styles in swing beds and easily customizable about your taste.

You can add extra items such as thick cushions, bolster pillows, throw pillows, blankets, or other things you need. They are more expensive than porch swings, but they offer more functions.

What is the porch swing?

Porch swings have a classic style look. These Porch swings are designed for a smaller space.

They look good on a large porch area. Porch swings can accommodate smaller areas, making them suitable for less space.

Mostly, porch swings are designed to fit two to three people at a time. This accommodation makes them the perfect places for conversation or relaxing or an afternoon reading.

Porch swings are less expensive, depending on the type of swing material. These porch swings do not come with cushions.

How to hang bed swing for porch

Are you wondering how to hang a swing bed? It is not as complicated as you might imagine. All you will need are common household standards, a stable beam, and one helping hand.

  • Pen
  • Stud Finder
  • Safety Glasses
  • Swing Hangers and their accompanying screws.
  • A drill and the drill bit
  • 4-6 feet Ladder
  • Pipe-wrench pliers or regular pliers for lag eye screws
  • Nut driver
  • A socket ratchet

1. Find the right beam to hang on to

Find a strong support beam that will accommodate your bed swing length and allow for room behind (at least four feet). The beams of your home serve as the foundational frame for the roof.

The beams are parts of your house, which are sturdy enough to support the weight of a swing bed. If there is creaky or deteriorated wood, it would be very dangerous.

If you are not sure about the spot, you can call your local architect or local contractor for their advice. You are going to install each swing hanger about one to two inches outside of the swing length to balance the weight evenly.

If your beams are hidden in the ceiling, you can use a stud finder to locate them. Measure the beams, and they have to be at least 2’ x 6’ or more substantial and can support the weight capacity of your bed swing.

2. Set up the swing hangers

Once you discover where to hang your bed swing, begin putting your safety glasses on. Get the pen to mark the spot on the first swing hanger.

The next thing to do is to measure the length of your swing plus one to two inches. Mark the second swing hanger spot.

This mark is where the second swing hanger will go. Keep in mind, there should be room behind the beam. Go with at least four feet behind your swing so the bed swing can sway back and forth without hassle.

Next, drill pilot holes into the beam so you can start screwing in your swing hangers with no hassle. Pilot holes will minimize the chance of splitting the beam, guide your screws into the wood, and alleviating pressure.

Select a drill bit that is about the same diameter as your screw shank. This is the upper portion of the screw that does not have threads.

Next, use a drill gun to drill holes into the swing hanger spots that had been marked. Gently align your swing hangers with the pre-drilled holes. Screw them in afterward.

3. Hang the bed swing

Commonly, bed swings are hung in an upside-down “Y” configuration. Its longer chain goes through the armrest of the swing. It connects to the side of the swing seat.

The shorter chain goes from the lateral swing back. It connects to the longer chain to set the swing upright. Install the bed swing seventeen to nineteen inches off the ground for geed and optimal comfort.

Two eight feet chains will accommodate ceilings eight to nine feet tall. If your ceilings are twelve feet tall, you require a pair of eleven feet chains to hang your bed swing.

Set your bed swing down on the ground below your swing hangers. Place a ladder behind the bed swing. Ask someone to lift the bed swing up as you climb a ladder to connect the top chains onto the swing hangers.

Tilt the bed swing back about one inch and adjust the shorter chain as your preference. Now the installation is completed. Begin sitting back, swing away, and relax.

Frequently ask question

Can my ceiling support a bed swing?

Find a ceiling beam in your desired location. The measurement should be at least two x six-inches to make sure it can support the weight of the bed swing and the person sitting in it. If your porch ceiling is hidden or covered, use a stud finder to locate a beam, which is horizontal ceiling supports. This is where the bed swing will hang from.

How much weight can ceilings hang?

Regular garage ceiling beams of contemporary construction can support 50 pounds per square foot. If you have beams that are supporting more this number could be significantly less. Keep in mind to spread the load across your beams and not along with them.

How do I find a support beam in my ceiling?

Measure sixteen inches in from the wall using a measuring tape. Operate the stud finder over the ceiling in the area. When it lights up, the stud finder has reached the edge of a beam. If the stud finder can not find a beam, measure twenty-four inches from the wall and try to find around that area instead.

Is it safe to drill into the ceiling?

Your drilling spot may be hidden by insulation which you will need to clear. Few homes have gas or plumbing lines in the ceiling. If your purpose is to hang a bed swing, you should only be fastened into a ceiling beam, not to fasten to empty space between. A stud finder will locate your ceiling beams.

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